Joy Go With My Love jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Joy Go With My Love
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:ag|f2 A Afe|d2 B Bde|fed edB|1 d3 d:|2 d3 d2 e||
fga aeg|fdB Bde|fga aef|d3 d2 e|
fga aeg|fdB Bde|fed edB|d3 d||
X: 2
T: Joy Go With My Love
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
g|:g<fA A>eA|e>dB B>dg|g<fA A<eA|e>dB A2 g|
g<fA A>eA|e>dB B>dg|g>fd f>eB|c2A A2 g:|
f>ga aeg|f>ed B>dg|f>ga aeg|f>ga aAg|
f>ga aeg|f>ed B>dg|g>fd f>eB|c2A [1 A2 g:|2 A3||

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absolutely beautiful single jig! [Would they call it a single jig? I know slide’s are also known as single jigs..]

I got this setting of the tune from Puirt a Baroque’s album, "Return of the Wanderer".

gorgeous. The world needs more of these kind of tunes.

I should be sleeping!


But do not presume that all slides are single jigs or single jigs are slides. There are some (I would consider a few) that seem to fit both catagories but I favour the idea of separating the two as much as possible. This one is definitely a jig. Maybe single more so than double but certainly not a slide. For me a slide is 12/8 with the feel that the 4 triplets in each bar run together to make a phrase with 3 more ‘phrases’ making up the 4 bars in each of ‘A’ , ‘B’ or whatever musics.

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Could you enlighten me as to who Puirt a Baroque are? where they come from etc. I’ve seen the name before but not heard the music. Thanks.

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Puirt a Baroque is a group that plays both Scottish/Cape Breton tunes as well as Baroque pieces. It’s very interesting and I only have "Return of the Wanderer" but I REALLY want "Bach Meets Cape Breton". The fiddlah, Dave Greenberg is also a member of the Baroque group Tafelmusik. From what I’ve read online, he’s one of those who can "swing both ways" convincingly. Actually it was something like "go both ways" but the former is funnier. =P


Thanks SO much for posting this tune .. I originally learned it from Kate Dunlay (David Greenburg’s wife and an awesome fiddler herself) but lost the sheet music for it (and of course never seem to have the time / skill to sit down with the recording and re-learn it) .. a beautiful tune made even more so in Puirt a Baroque’s rendition … now I just have to learn the other tune that they pair ‘Joy’ with.
Thanks again

So, I see that this tune is a "single jig", what is different from this tune and, say, the swallowtail jig or the blackthorn stick? I was looking for new jigs to learn and liked the name of this one so figured I’d check it out. Does anybody have links to recordings of this tune? thanks

Classic! ~ in this case prominent rhythmic elements, slow quick or ~ f2 A & d2 e ~ for two examples, and just 16 bars.

Transcribed as closely as possible from the second set (Gow’s Jigs) on David Brewer’s CD "Turning Pages". He plays it with emphasis on the first note of each three, but writing it with dot cuts seemed to harsh. It is more of a subtle lilt. Simply lovely!

Occurs in GHBP repertoire as a slow air. Published in Glen’s collection among others and described as an "Old Highland Air ". Presumably originally a song.