Three recordings of
Tim Maloney’s
Miss Monaghan

Tim Maloney’s (reel) is also known as Moloney’s, Molony’s, Tim Maloney, Tim Maloneys, Tim Moloney, Tim Moloney’s, Tim Mulloney, Tim Mulloney’s, Tim Ó Maoldómhnaigh.

Miss Monaghan (reel) is also known as Connacht Lasses, The Green Fields To America, Miss Monaghan’s, Miss Monaghans, Miss Monahan’s, Shannon Shores, Stormy Weather.

Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 9 by Matt Cunningham

  1. Miss Monaghan
  2. Tim Mulloney

The Fabulous Kilfenora Ceili Band by The Kilfenora Ceili Band

  1. Miss Monaghan
  2. The Yew
  3. Tim Maloney’s

West Clare's Own Martin Tubridy by Martin Tubridy

  1. Tim Moloney
  2. Miss Monaghan
  3. The Foxhunter’s