Joyous waltz

Also known as The Joyous, La Valse à Marie-Paule, La Valse Joyeuse.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Joyous
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
% A section
A2>A2|| A2B2c2 | d2e2=f2 | f6 |-fzf ef|
a2>f2df|a2>f2df | g6 |-g2A2>A2 |
A2c2 e2|e2 ^d2e2| g6 |-g2f2g2|
a2b2>c'2| c'2b2a2 | fga4|-a2A2>A2|A2B2c2|
d2e2=f2|f6|-f2zf ef|
a2>g2fe|d2 " 4"d'2>d'2| b6 |- b2 z2z2|
b6|-b2 aggf|
fga4|-az gffe|eggbb2|ceeaa2| d6|-d2B2A2||
% B section
f6| e4f2|e4 d2|d2>FA2|
g6 |-g2f2>g2|f4 e2|e2 ^d2e2| a2>a2a2|
BBB4|ccc4|d6|-d2>z2 B2A2||
%C section
d6| ABcdef|g6|-g2f2>a2|g6|
f2a2f2| e6|-e2^d2>f2| e2 a2z2| ABcde=f|
B6|g6|f2a2f2|e2B2g2|f6| e6|d6|-d2z2z2||
%D section
c2>B2A2|G2F2E2|D6| -D2z2z2|]

Seven comments

Joyous Waltz aka La Valse Joyeuse

Composed by Willy Ringuette, according to Jean Carignan. I learned it from a Carignan recording.
It’s challenging to learn, but fun to play once you get there.

Don’t try to read the abc yourself, you’ll go blind. Use a program that turns it into notation.

This is my first tune submission so let me know if it looks ok.

ABC has been edited

I’ve edited the abc down to just the melody for the convenience of people who want to play it thru midi (not to mention non-fiddle players who want to learn the tune).
I will post the original abc in the comments. It will probably choke most midi players because of all the double stops, but it generated good sheet music (in my software, anyhow). Fiddle players especially should check it out.
And get ahold of the Jean Carignan recorgind. I couldn’t find even a sample of it on the web.


La Valse mélancolique…

can’t stand that type o’ tune myself.
grandfather Carignan-gnan cared too much for these!
Fortunatley, years ago I realised they could often be improved - enjoyed, even- by playing them in minor ( D minor, here, with f natural but a mshifting 6th and a c# in most places… (follow your instinct)
try it and see for yourselves!
PS: Bo_in_VA, some of your bars are in 5/8 ! 😉

More corrections to the abc

"PS: Bo_in_VA, some of your bars are in 5/8 !"

Fixed. Thanks for catching that.

Valse joyeuse

A quite different score of thi tune can befound in the Fiddler’s Fakebook by David Brody. Anice version on the Buttons and Bows CD (Green Linnet) : the first month of summer

This tune reminds me of Super Mario Bros. in the water level.

wow, please write 4 measures per line!