Two recordings of
The Belharbour
The Boys Of The Lough

The Belharbour (reel) is also known as Bel Harbour, The Bel Harbour, Belharbor, The Belharbor, The Belharbour, Bell Harbor, The Bell Harbor, Bell Harbour, The Bell Harbour, Bellharbor, The Bellharbor, Bellharbour, The Bellharbour, Dillon’s, Fisherman’s Farewell, The Fisherman’s Farewell, Fisherman’s Return, The Fisherman’s Return, Mulcairn’s, New Town Bridge, Newtown Bridge, Over The Bridge, Paddy Reynold’s, Paddy Reynolds’, Reynold’s, The Rough Road, Sailor’s Farewell, The Sailor’s Farewell, Sailor’s Return, The Sailor’s Return.

The Boys Of The Lough (reel) is also known as Boys At The Lough, The Boys At The Lough, The Boys From The Lough, The Boys Of The Loch, Buachaillí Ná Locha, Miss Hogan’s.

Magic Irish Instrumentals by Various Artists

  1. The Boys Of The Lough
  2. Tie The Bonnet
  3. The Belharbour

The Hurricane by Jesse Smith

  1. Boys Of The Lough
  2. Mary Walker
  3. McFadden’s
  4. Dillon’s