Two recordings of
The Glencoe
Miss Ramsey

The Glencoe (march) is also known as Glencoe Bridge, The Glencoe Bridge, The Glencoe Schottische, Glencoe Village Hall, The Glencoe, J.P. Cormier.

Miss Ramsey (reel) is also known as The Auld Toon Of Edinburgh, The Kilkenny Boys, Lady Mary Ramsay, Lady Mary Ramsey, Lord Ramsay, Miss Ramsay, Miss Ramsay’s, Miss Ramsey’s, Miss Ramsey’s Highland, Miss Ramsey’s Highland Fling.

The Ruby by Aly Bain And Phil Cunningham

  1. The Wee Bells Of Tak-Ma-Doon Road
  2. Glencoe Village Hall
  3. Lady Mary Ramsay’s

Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 3 Bras D'Or House by Various Artists

  1. The Glencoe March
  2. The Boy’s Lament For His Dragon
  3. Miss Jessie Smith
  4. Lady Mary Ramsay
  5. Homeward Bound
  6. Jenny Dang The Weaver