Thirty-two recordings of Malcolm Finlay

Also known as Calum Fhionnlaid, Calum Fhionnlaidh, Calum Fhionnlaigh, Calum Fhionnlaith, Calum Finlay, Calum Finley, Calumn Findlay, Finlay’s, Holland’s, Larry Down’s, Larry Downs, Malcolm Findlay, Malcolm Finlay, Malcolm Finlay’s, Malcolm Finley’s.

This tune has been recorded together with The Nine Pint Coggie (lots of times), Barrowburn (a few times), Bog An Lochan (a few times), The Tarbolton (a few times), The Trip To Windsor (a few times), Lexie MacAskill (a few times), The Warlocks (a few times), The Haughs Of Cromdale (a few times), Johnnie Sullivan’s (a few times), Prince Charlie (a few times), All The Rage, Basil The Retriever, Brenda Stubbert’s, Cameron’s Got His Wife Again, The Capuchin, Chùir I Glùin Air A’ Bhodaich, Claire’s, The Coalminer’s, Cooley’s, Domhnall Dubh, Drowsy Maggie, The Fermoy Lasses, Finlay’s Delight, Fisher’s, Flora Macdonald, The High Road To Linton, Hull’s, Jack Daniel’s, Jenny’s Chickens, Jessie Smith, Joe Derrane’s, John McGinley’s, King Of The Fairies, Ladar Mor A’Chogain, Lime Hill, Lord Seaforth, MacArthur Road, Marcel Martin, The Mason’s Apron, Miss Campbell’s, Mo Mhàiri Mhin Mheall’ Shuileach, The Mountain Lark, Mrs Martha Knowles, The Night We Had The Goats, Obsessive Island, Out On The Road, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Pitnacree Ferryman, The Popcorn, Rannie MacLellan’s, Sam Cormier’s, Sleepy Maggie, The Spike Island Lasses, The Teetotallers, Tha Mi Sgith, Up Downey, West Mabou, White Lightning.

  1. A’ Sireadh Spòrs by Dr. Angus MacDonald
  2. Are You Willing? by Tabache
  3. At Home by Rosie Shipley And Matt Mulqueen
  4. Beyond The Borders by Brandon Vance, Mark Minkler
  5. Breaking Trad by Breaking Trad
  6. Cape Breton Fiddle And Piano Music by The Beaton Family of Mabou
  7. Celtic Dance by Claire Hamilton, Peter Miln, Daniel James & Waxies Dargle
  8. Changing Time by David Doocey
  9. Connections by Dara Smith-MacDonald
  10. Cronan by Garamharc
  11. Each Little Thing by Sharon Shannon
  12. First Hand by Mairi Rankin
  13. Formerly of Foot Cape Road: Scottish Fiddle Music in the Classic Inverness County Style by Doug Macphee and John L. MacDonald
  14. Half-Set In Harlem by De Dannan
  15. Harvest Home 2: It’s Of My Rambles by Various Artists
  16. Hush by Laura Cortese
  17. In Jig Time! by Brenda Stubbert
  18. Jerry Holland by Jerry Holland
  19. Lá Lugh by Lá Lugh
  20. Mirka by Mirka
  21. Musical Ties by Troy MacGillivray
  22. New Spring by Battlefield Band
  23. Spellbound by Sharon Shannon
  24. The ‘Reel’ Thing by Wendy MacIsaac
  25. The Dances Down Home by Joe Cormier
  26. The Driven Bow by Alasdair Fraser And Jody Stecher
  27. The Galway Girl by Sharon Shannon
  28. The MacKenzie Project by Rosie MacKenzie
  29. The Music of Cape Breton, Vol. 2 - Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle by Various Artists
  30. The Sharon Shannon Collection 1990 - 2005 Disc 1 by Sharon Shannon
  31. The Tap Session by Andrea Beaton
  32. Traditional Music From Cape Breton Island by Natalie MacMaster And Buddy MacMaster