Two recordings of
Miss Galvin’s
Frank Roche’s

Miss Galvin’s (hornpipe) is also known as Garrai Na Saileog, Gavin’s, Miss Galvin, Miss Galvin’s Highland Fling, Mrs Galvin, Mrs. Galvin’s, Mrs. Galvin’s Highland Fling, Woodford Fling, Woodford Fling No. 2.

Frank Roche’s (strathspey) is also known as Battle Of Arklow, Frank Roche’s Favourite, Frank Roche’s Favourite Highland Fling, Frank Roche’s Highland Fling, John Roche’s Favourite, Lady Ann Hope, Lucy Ann Hope, Roche’s Favourite, The Woodford Fling No. 1.

Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part: Classic Recordings of Traditional Irish Dance Music by Various Artists

  1. The Woodford Fling No. 1
  2. The Woodford Fling No. 2

The Branch Line by Jack Coen And Charlie Coen

  1. Two Woodford Flings
  2. Miss Galvin’s
  3. John Roche’s Favourite