Slieve Snaght reel

Also known as The Snowy Mountain.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Slieve Snaght
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
efed cAAB | G2BG dGBG | efed cAAe |1 eaa^g a2=gf :|2 eaa^g a2ed ||
cAeA fAeA | efgf eA (3AAA | BGGF GABd | dcde fedc |
cAeA fAeA | efgf eA (3AAA | BG~G2 BcdB | cABG A3 z ||

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I try not to post my own tunes, but every once in a while aI come up with one worth sharing. After listening to a lot of Johnny Doherty & other Donegal players this tune sprung forth from my forehead fully formed like Venus on a shell. Having a definite northern feel to it - I dubbed it "Slieve Snaght" after a geographical locale in Donegal.
There’s more details about Slieve Snaght at
Have fun!

Brad, stay on the ‘ludes, man, this is a GREAT tune! I can’t believe it’s not some 200 yearold trad piece, let alone penned by an young Sligo-phile like yourself. Instantly added to my repertoire—I guarantee we’ll be playing this one in Helena Montana! I really like the way you echo the same phrase in G and A in the two halves. Well done!

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Thanks Will

Thanks Will,
That would be a great honor if it came up as a tune anyone but myself would play. I try to keep within the constructs of ITM & not get too funky when penning tunes. After all "The old tunes are the best" Again I try not to post my tunes but I thought this one had the "na" of those old Northern guys who put such a spark in the fiddle.

Up Ulster!

PS I didn’t mean anything wisenheimer-ish about the title resembling Sleeve Snot. It came to mind before I thought of the double entendre. Too late now

The title - An Ainm …

Yeah, the name was familiar allright, thats a popular tune here in Dun Na nGall (donegal) and seein we were on about the gaeilge the other day, the english translation is the snowy mountain, sneacht beeing snow.
Poirt maith !(great tune) thanks for posting it !

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I must’ve used a name already in use, I came up with this tune on Friday (Good Friday) so maybe I should have named it "Good Friday". It does seem to have a northen feel.

Woops !

Hey, i made a slight mistake there, its the name of the tune that im familliar with (for once), the tune doesnt seem to be related to any that i far as i know there already is a good friday tune, in o neills allthough i could be wrong. anyhow ,to hell with the title !, tis a mighty tune !
and keep them comming, because if anything, this is the perfect place to test your own compositions out and see what other musicians think of them.

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I was teaching this tune to a friend of mine last night, when I scratched out the dots for him with the title as "Sliabh Sneaght" followed by translation as "The Snowy Mountain". I would have just played it so he could learn it by ear but I didn’t have an instrument. (He plays guitar tuned to CGDGCD) When he saw the title he told me a story of an old-timer who played a tune when asked what it was he replied, "Oh, the name of that one is "The Snowy Mountain"" then he played another tune & asked for the name of the next tune & answered, "The Snowy Mountain" detecting a trend he found that according to this old-timer all tunes were known as the "Snowy Mountain".

Ah surely, there’s one known as The Snow-Covered Mountain….and the Snow on the Mountain, The Mountain with Snow Upon It, and Crystalline Winter Precipitation Upon the Elevated Land Mass of High Relief….

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