Sleepy Maggie slide

Also known as Maidhe Dainin O’Se.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Sleepy Maggie
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F/G/|A2A ABc|d2A FDF|A2G EDE|B2A F2G|
A2A ABc|dfd A2F|GBA GFE|D3 D2:|
|:e|f2d AFA|f2d Adf|g2e fed|edB A2e|
f2d AFA|f2d A3|Bgf edc|d3 d2:|
X: 2
T: Sleepy Maggie
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:B|A2 A ABc d2 A FGF|A2 G ECE B2 A F2 G|
ABA ABc dcd F2 A|ABA GFE D3 D2:|
|:e|f2 d ABA f2 d A3|g2 e c2 e dcB A2 d|
f2 d ABA f/g/fd A2 A|Bcd efe d3 d2:|
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Sleepy Maggie

Anyone have any info of this jig? I found it searching for the version of Bridge of Athlone by Frank Lee’s Ceili Band, probably recorded in the 1930’s. I did a search on, and found the first two measures transcribed on then did a google search, and found this. All it says, for the info about Sleepy Maggie, is that it was learned from Charlie Mulvihill, and I think it says it may be on the CD, Passing Time, with Jim and Mary Coogan. If anyone wants, here is the website,
I would appreciate more info, if anyone’s heard of this jig, because I couldn’t find any more information on it. Thanks.

I believe that it’s been posted many times already to the Session.

Good tune, though.

Hold it. I take it back. This is a jig, isn’t it? The Sleepy Maggie I’m familiar with is a reel.

So I haven’t heard of it.

“Maidhe Dainin O’Se” / “Sleepy Maggie” ~ a slide

X: 2
T: Maidhe Dainin O’Se
S: Brendan Begley
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: slide
|: B |\
A2 A ABc d2 A FGF | A2 G ECE B2 A F2 G |
ABA ABc dcd F2 A | ABA GFE D3 D2 :|
|: e |\
f2 d ABA f2 d A3 | g2 e c2 e dcB A2 d |
f2 d ABA f/g/fd A2 A | Bcd efe d3 d2 :|

K: DMaj


The single jig / slide is clear in both transcriptions, for example, Catherine’s ~

K: Dmaj
|: F/G/ |\
A2 A ~ d2 A ~ | A2 G ~ B2 A F2 G |
A2 A ~ ~ A2 F | ~ ~ ~ D2 :|
|: e |\
f2 d ~ f2 d ~ | g2 e ~ ~ A2 e |
f2 d ~ f2 d ~ | ~ ~ ~ d2 :|

Re: Sleepy Maggie

*ceolachan… typo!

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Re: Sleepy Maggie

To me it’s reminiscent of a jig called “Harvest Time” which was played by a couple of Scottish dance bands (e.g. Jim Johnstone). I don’t think it’s the same tune, but there are some close similarities, especially in the A part.

T:Harvest Time
S:Jim Johnstone, Heather Medley (1969)
N:Transposed from G for comparison
Z:Nigel Gatherer
F/G/ | A2 A AFA | dcd F3 | GFG EFG | B2 A F2 G |
A2A AFA | dcd A2 d | cBA BGE | D3 D2 :|
A | d2 d dcB | AdA F3 | GFG ECE | GBA F2 A |
d2 d dcB | AdA F2 d | cBA BGE | D3 D2 :|