Dessous Les Lauriers Blancs three-two

Also known as Hanter Dro.

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Five settings

X: 1
T: Dessous Les Lauriers Blancs
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:E2FG E2D2 E4|G2FG A2B2 G2E2|E2FG E2D2 E4|G2FG A2G2 F4:|
|:E2FG A2B2 G2E2|G2FE D2E2 F4|E2FG A2B2 G2E2|G2FE F2G2 E4:|
X: 2
T: Dessous Les Lauriers Blancs
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:E2FG E2D2 E4|E2FG B2A2 G2F2|E2FG E2D2 E4|E2FG B2A2 F4:|
|:E2FG E2B2 B4|A2GF E2FG E2D2|E2FG B2A2 G2F2|E2FG A2F2 E4:|
X: 3
T: Dessous Les Lauriers Blancs
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:A2Bc A2G2 A4|A2Bc e2d2 c2B2|A2Bc A2G2 A4|A2Bc e2d2 B4:|
|:A2Bc A2e2 e4|d2cB A2Bc A2G2|A2Bc e2d2 c2B2|A2Bc d2B2 A4:|
X: 4
T: Dessous Les Lauriers Blancs
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:E2GF E2D2 E4|E2FG A2F2 G2F2:|
|:E2FG A2F2 G2E2|G2FE D2E2 F4|E2FG A2F2 G2E2|E2FG E2D2 E4:|
X: 5
T: Dessous Les Lauriers Blancs
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:A2cB A2G2 A4|A2Bc d2B2 c2B2:|
|:A2Bc d2B2 c2A2|c2BA G2A2 B4|A2Bc d2B2 c2A2|A2Bc A2G2 A4:|

Sixteen comments

Rye diddle lie dum doo, rye diddle lie dum darrum, rye diddle lie dum doo, Fie fiddle rye dum dah ~


Fie fiddle rye dum darrum, fie fiddle rye dum dah, fie fiddle rye dum darrum, Rye diddle lie dum doo :|… πŸ˜‰

Yeah, that’s the one. Goes with the other one:

Die diddle doo dum die diddle daddle diddle doo dum dah :|
|: Sky skiddle I dum doh, rye riddle-ah riddle addle-um,
sky skiddle I dum doh, rye diddly addle daddum dah:|

Damn, you beat me to it…

ceolachan, what’s your source?

Damn! You’ve cornered me. It was something on site that reminded me of this one. I’ve a load of unnamed Hanter Dros and other Breton tunes. We’ve spent some time dancing and playing music in Brittany and I’ve collected a few tune books and recordings, though most of the latter I think I’ve given away. We’ve also played with a few groups, and I shouldn’t forget the several workshops and camps we’ve been to. But, it was some link on site here that reminded me of this one, but that I don’t remember. Let me check around and if I can give you more I will…like another take on it, or a recording specifically for this one, which I’m pretty sure there is…

Hanter Dro ~ you asked…

Curiously it links back to a submission you’d made SP:

"Hanter Dro De Storvan"
Submitted on March 29th 2005 by swisspiper.

To hear a hanter dro, go here:
# Posted on September 10th 2006 by dulcie22]

Though it wouldn’t necessarily be my choice for ear training, here’s the specifics of this recording:

The band: "Trouz Bras", a U.S. based Breton band
The CD: "Trouz Bras and Friends"
Here is the link dulcie22 gave for their recording for this particular hanter dro from Trouz Bras’ demo tracks:

They seem to have chosen to call it ‘Ethan’s’, but it ain’t actually his, it is a traditional Hanter Dro in the tradition of ‘Gan Ainms’ everywhere… I’ve come across this one several times, including in Brittany but also from a U.S. based Breton group from Seattle, Washington, North Amerikay, while a bunch of us were kickin’ up dust music and dancewize on the Oregon coast just outside of Astoria… Also, from a French speaking dance and music group from that continent hailing from Montreal. Somewhere I’m sure I also have it on a very old and scratchy 78 rpm recording… It’s a sweet tune, but I also love the dance too…maneuvering respectfully around the ocassional alcohol spent body or vomit on the ground… Most of us were ‘balanced’… 😏

I’ve a lot of these…and then some… πŸ˜‰

I play the Hanter dro de Storvan with my bands for a long time, so I think I know somehow what that kind of dance is like ….
The two new ones here could give us a chance to try another one for our repertoire!
Thanks anyway

Would I question your ability? Never! You must have read something in my comments that wasn’t there. Words have that way about them, sometimes they get out of your control and suggest things you didn’t intend… πŸ˜‰ Hanter Dro away… Hey, was it you I was supposed to chase something up for? I know I had a load of Breton tunes transcribed for someone. They all went with the hard disk that went down, but I’ll get around to it again, and I’ll see if I can find you some more choice morsels, seeings as you have a taste for them… Get the crepes ready, and I’ll take a pitcher of cidre too…

I’ve only just realized I’d notated the ABC’s for this tune in 3/2 as if L = 1/4, but here it is given as 1/8. I have made the correction to the ABC’s, though these tunes are sometimes notated in 3/4 as well as other curious ways…

Hanter Dro ~ evolution, but which came first?

Key signature: e minor
Submitted on October 28th 2006 by ceolachan.

Sorry, but I didn’t promise it would be ‘easy’…

In fact, the one linked to above is the earliest of the two I’ve known, learned back in the early 70’s? I haven’t looked for it in a ‘book’ source yet, but then I am short of sources at hand here. I’d love to know if anyone else is familiar with these two hanter dros and any history for them… I hope the latest one survives, I was hesitant in giving it its own space, but the B-parts are significantly different…

Hanter Dro ~ "Dessous les Lauriers Blancs"

K: a minor
|: A2 Bc A2 G2 A4 | A2 Bc e2 d2 c2 B2 | A2 Bc A2 G2 A4 | A2 Bc e2 d2 B4 :|
|: A2 Bc A2 e2 e4 | d2 cB A2 Bc A2 G2 | A2 Bc e2 d2 c2 B2 | A2 Bc d2 B2 A4 :|

K: e minor
|: E2 FG E2 D2 E4 | E2 FG B2 A2 G2 F2 | E2 FG E2 D2 E4 | E2 FG B2 A2 F4 :|
|: E2 FG E2 B2 B4 | A2 GF E2 FG E2 D2 | E2 FG B2 A2 G2 F2 | E2 FG A2 F2 E4 :|

& here’s another take on the melody, with a shorter A-part, which can also be doubled:

K: a minor
|: A2 cB A2 G2 A4 | A2 Bc d2 B2 c2 B2 :|
|: A2 Bc d2 B2 c2 A2 | c2 BA G2 A2 B4 | A2 Bc d2 B2 c2 A2 | A2 Bc A2 G2 A4 :|

K: e minor
|: E2 GF E2 D2 E2 | E2 FG A2 F2 G2 F2 :|
|: E2 FG A2 F2 G2 E2 | G2 FE D2 E2 F4 | E2 FG A2 F2 G2 E2 | E2 FG E2 D2 E4 :|

For more takes on the shared A-part follow the ‘evolution’ link to #6300, in the comments for that contribution…

Ethan’s Hanter Dro


Ray Price the bagpiper from Trouz Bras here.

Yes, we called the hanter dro "Ethan’s," because we got it from an old friend (the hurdy gurdy player) named Ethan James. Ethan tragically died, so we named the tune in his memory.

- Ray

Rwy’n deall!!!