One recording of
Josie Byrne’s
The Curlew Hills

Josie Byrne’s (barndance) is also known as Joe Byrne’s, Joe Byrnes, Joe Byrnes’, Josie Byrnes, Josie Byrnes’.

The Curlew Hills (barndance) is also known as Beilby’s, Bielbie’s, Curlew Hills Polka, The Curlew Hills Polka, The Curlew Hills Schottische, The Curlew Hills, Glenbeigh, The Glenbeigh, McDermott’s, McDermott’s Barn Dance, McDermott’s Favourite, Morrison’s, Morrison’s Barn Dance, Morrison’s Polka, The National Schottische.

The Fiddle Music Of Donegal - Volume Three by Various Artists

  1. Joe Byrne’s
  2. The Curlew Hills