Frank And Julie Leahy’s strathspey

Also known as Frank & Julie Leahy’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Frank And Julie Leahy's
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A,>cA<G A2 A>B,|A,>cA>G A<A,A,>B,|A,>cA<G A>Bc>A|G>D E/F/G/D/ B,/C/D/B,/ G,>B,:|
A,>ge<d e2 e>g|e>de>g a<AA<B|A>ge<d e>ga<b|g>ed>c B<GG>B,|
A,>ge<d e2 e>g|e>de>g f<d (3dfg|a>ba>g e>dB>A|G>D E/F/G/D/ B,/C/D/B,/ G,>B,||

Seven comments

I’m thinking it should be ‘Leahy’s"…

Source? ~

Now the real question ~ as both are note-for-note, where did you lift it from? ~ who did the original notation? It would be nice to credit your sources, or at least considerate…


Sorry ceolachan. Don’t want any more reprimands from the source police. It was an oversight. I obtained the tune in abc format from Paul Cranfords website (

"Frank & Julie Leahy’s" ~ Composed by Natalie McMaster! ~ Sourced!

% 5 tunes
% Tunes transcribed from Blueprint (Natalie MacMaster, 2003

X: 2
T: Frank and Julie Leahy’s
R: strahspey
C: Natalie MacMaster
D: Natalie MacMaster, Blueprint, 2003
Z: Paul Stewart Cranford (P.S.C.), <>;

W: Copyrights - Published by MacMaster Music (SOCAN)

I’ve no badge and no official status, but when I say giving credit, I mean across the board, not just the folks some of us cut-and-pasted from, but the composer too ~ if at all possible. It isn’t law, not real or virtual, it is just about basic consideration of others ~ and the music and the tradition we share.

This being note-for-note the same cut-and-paste as the first contribution it might not last anyway, but thanks for making some effort, even if it might have been with a smirk?

Source Police!

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