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X: 1
T: Da Eye Wifie
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3A,B,C|: D2 F>D E2 G>E | F>D D>E (3FFF E>D| B,>E E>D E>FG>A | B>A A>B A>g f{gf}e|
f2 d>A B>A F>B | A>F d>B A>F E>D | E2 (3EEF A>F E>D |1 D>B, B,>A, D2 (3A,B,C :|2 D>B, B,>A, D2 (3efg||
|: f2 d>d c>d B>d | A>d (3Bcd f>d c>d | (3Bcd g>d (3ABd f>d | A>c e>d c>a g>e|
f2 d>d c>d B>d | A>d c>d B{cB}A F>D | E2 (3EEF A>F E>D |1 D>B, B,>A, D2 (3efg :|2 D>B, B,>A, [D4D4]||
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Unknown Hornpipe ?

I learnt this tune from a girl fiddler who played it beautifully in the Swan Inn Garden at Sidmouth Festival 2001, and I’m sure that both the girl and the tune have names, it’s just that I don’t know either! I think she may have said it is by ‘Shooglenifty’, but I haven’t yet found it. It is a fabulous tune that sounds good to me at any pace, but I think it’s better with a little ‘bounce’ - it is firmly in my set list (I like to play it after ‘Bubba’s reel’ by John McCusker!)
Can anyone help me with the name, if so, I will edit the session entry with it in due course
If the abc isn’t quite ‘correct’ to the original I apologise, but it is ‘correct’ to the way I now play it !
PS - if you are that girl from Sidmouth, I’d love to hear from you, if not, I may see you at the next festival …

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“The Golden Legs”

Not a hornpipe - a reel by Liz Carroll called "The Golden Legs" referring to dancers Donny & Eileen Golden. It’s on "Lost In The Loop", and if "Shooglenifty" do play it , I hope they have the decency to give Liz credit for it.

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I should have listened to Liz’s CD first - the first part is similar, but it’s not the tune - but I have heard it somewhere. I’ll get back to you. Sorry !

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The Golden Legs

You’re right Kenny, it’s not the same tune, but it’s another cracking good tune anyway - the sheetmusic is now available on Liz’s homepage along with the rest of the album (Lost in the loop)
However, I’m still none the wiser about the original hornpipe so I’m hoping someone can shed some light ??

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Found it !

It’s taken a while, but I knew I had heard it before ! This tune was composed by Iain McLeod, the mandolin player with Edinburgh band "Shooglenifty". The title is "Da Eye Wifie" - and if I had to hazard a guess from the title, it’s for or about a female optician from the Shetland Islands !! I could be totally wrong, but will ask Iain next time I see him.
It is the very first tune on their CD "A Whisky Kiss", and was published about three years ago in a collection of recently-composed Scottish tunes known as "The 90s Collection".

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Da Eye Wifie

Kenny, Thanks for the name of the tune. I haven’t yet heard the original, but I have renamed the tune in ‘The Session’ accordingly
I will be at Sidmouth Festival again next week so it’s taken a whole year to find the name - I also note that Shooglenifty are going to Sidmouth this year so I will keep my eye out for them and try to get a copy. Will also look out for the fiddler that I heard it from last year and hope to play it a few times during the week. Thanks again for your efforts in finding the tune

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a hornipe injected with a bit of pentatoncity, for a change…

Nice tune. I like it. Especially the B part. But I find it hard to play the sheet music when all the notes are written with dots. Thanks anyway.

By the way,

It’s not a hornpipe. It was written by Iain MacLeod as a reel, and is in the "Reels" section in "The Nineties Collection", page 127.

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Re: Da Eye Wifie

An arrangement for fiddle ensemble (2 fiddle lines, cello, and chords) is available in Weaver MacFarlane’s Choon Book, a free download from cracklingsmarts.com.

Audio file of this arrangement is available on Soundcloud (just search for Weaver MacFarlane).