The Jig In The Hopper slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Jig In The Hopper
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: D |G2 G BAG GdD | G2 G BAG A2 D | G2 G BAG Bdd | edB AFD G2 :|
|: d |e2 d dBG B/c/dG |1 e2 d dBG A2 d | e2 d dBG BdD | GFG BAF G2 :|
[2 edd dBG A2 e/f/ | [M: 12/8] gfe dBG cBA BGD | [M: 9/8] G2 G B>AF G2 ||
K: Cmaj
|: G |c2 c edc egG | c2 c edc d2 G | c2 c edc egg | age dBG c2 :|
|: g |a2 g gec e/f/gc |1 a2 g gec d2 g | a2 g gec egG | cBc edB c2 :|
[2 agg gec d2 a/b/ | [M: 12/8] c'ba gec fed ecG | [M: 9/8] c2 c e>dB c2 ||

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Bad Poteen & the hapless wonders ~ I mean hopeless ~ no, hopless ~

This is a little number for Mark Anderson alias the ‘Noxious Blanket’. I couldn’t find anything that quite clicked in moving around all those letters, there was ‘klaxon’, and ‘xenon’, but the horn and the inert gas didn’t leave letters I could do anything else with. So it is this title, partly clearing the burrs from my socks from all those flattened hopless hop jigs. Who was it that started playing them that way anyway? Was it the booze? Maybe it was bad poteen… πŸ˜‰

Sorry to butt-in ‘c’ but where did you get this tune from?
I have a link for you but you may already know.

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A friend is never an imposition…well, mostly never. (as if there were a ‘mostly never’)

"The Whinney/Whinny Hills of Leitrim" ~ a mate of several names & turns

Redican’s Mother / The Blackhaired Lass / The Black Haired Lass / Leitrim Town / The Fisherman’s / The Fisherman’s Lilt / Ryan’s ~ these two melodies swing nicely together, whichever slight variation you might choose, though I do prefer the ones with second endings for the B-part.

In order of appearance ~ & yes, there are probably others under different names scattered about here πŸ˜‰

Key signature: G Major then D Major
Submitted on November 16th 2001 by jomac.

Key signature: D Major
Submitted on December 2nd 2001 by keko.

Submitted on October 22nd 2002 by slainte.

Submitted on April 7th 2003 by Bannerman.

Submitted on September 9th 2004 by Bill Reeder.

Beaux of London City

What about a cotswold morris dance tune from the village of Adderbury (can be found in Bacon’s ‘Handbook of Morris Dances’
Different key but very close in character, probably more so than the ones you give ‘c’ if you can ignore the third triplet in bar 7 of the ‘B’ music. ‘Beaux of London City’
It’s not ITM but could work out ABC’s if necessary.

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Bar 7 of the ‘B’ music in this tune ‘The Jig in the Hopper’ that is.

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"The Beaux of London City" / "Shooting" ~ 9/8 Morris Dance Tune

Submitted on October 24th 2005 by dafydd.

Sorry hetty, those links above weren’t given for comparison but as a choice in making a set, this tune paired with them…

The version given here on site is straight so I’ve gone to a favoured resource, Andrew Kuntz’s "The Fiddler’s Companion", for another version of "The Beaux of London City" with some of the peculiarities of swing that carry it. The version there was in F and for an easier comparison I’ve tranposed that version note for note up a step to G Major:

K: G Major
|: D |
G>GG B>AG B<dD | G2 G B2 A G2 D |
G>GG B>AG B<dD | G>DG B2 A G2 :|
|: z |
d2 c BAG B d2 | A2 G A2 B c3 |
d2 c BAG B<dD | G>DG B2 A G2 :|

Here’s another link with the music and a written description of the accompanying Morris dance. They have it in G and it is almost note for note as I’ve given it above, the swing and snap included in their transcription:

NOTE: The version given by Dafydd here on site, the above first link, is not the same melody I’ve given, but the similarities can be seen and heard. I am not that familiar with Morris, tunes or dance. While I have both danced Morris dances and played for them my experience there is limited and ‘dated’… πŸ˜‰

Well done ‘c’ I knew you would come up with some goodies.

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