The Highland reel

Also known as Devil In The Kitchen, The Devil In The Kitchen, The Devil’s Highland Fling, Neilie Boyle’s, Neillidh Boyle’s, Queen Of May.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Highland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
eA(3AAA efgf|eA(3AAA a2gf|eA(3AAA efge|dBGB d2fg:|
aA(3AAA gA(3AAA|aA(3AAA g2fg|1 aA(3AAA efge|dBGB d2fg:|2 afge fded|BG(3GGG g2fg||
X: 2
T: The Highland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
gf|:"A"eAAA efgf|"D"eAAA a2gf|"A"eAAA efge|"G"dBGB d2gf|
"A"eAAA efgf|"D"eAAA g2fg|"A"afge fdec|1 "G"dBGB d2gf:|2 "G"dBGB defg||
|:"A"aAAA eAAA|"Em"aAAA g2fg|"A"aAAA efge|"G"dBGB defg|
"A"aAAA eAAA|"Em"aAAA g2fg|"A"afge fdec|1 "G"dBGB "D"defg:|2 "G"dBGB "D"d2gf||

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The Highland Reel

I’m sure this tune must have another name and I think it’s probably a highland rather than a reel. I usually play it after the Gravel Walks.
I hope I’ve got the key right, the F is sharp and the G is natural.

Highland Fling it is ~

Where did you learn it from? A little of your history with it would be welcome…

I think it’s already here, will check later. If you want to see some other highland flings, several of which are filed under and often played as reels, just enter ‘highland’ or ‘fling’ or ‘highland fling’ in the search window and see the results… You’ll also find discussions on topic in the comments, some in depth, some tongue-in-cheek… 😉

I learnt this years ago in Galway but I’m fairly sure it’s of Donegal origin.
I’ve searched for it on the session before using the advanced search tool and trying a few different phrases from it but to no avail although it could be there with some slight variations to it.
I also think I may have heard Altan playing it at some stage, which would fit.

Yes, it was one of a number of highland flings played in the North, not just Donegal… I have done a preliminary search for it in three keys and with various bars and settings but haven’t found it, a few things with bits, but not this… I was sure it was already here, but that may be just that it is that familiar. Sometimes we overlook the obvious, take things for granted. I play it slightly different from here, but close. If I don’t find it I’ll be back and give a variant.

It’s highland version of “Devil in the Kitchen”.

DUPLICATION: “Devil in the Kitchen” ~ right you are

Submitted on June 11th 2003 by gian marco.

No wonder I couldn’t find it, the way it was notated for the triplets… Mind you, I’d tried bar 4 in three keys too and two different ways each. Mad eh? I could swear it was here and wasn’t about to give up. I was about to play through all the strathspeys I was that frustrated, having started with 2001… 😏

Thanks ‘LongNote’… I was slowly working out the highlands here hidden under reels and elsewhere and hadn’t gotten to ‘The Devil’ yet, but am very familiar with it, though as a highland.

I suspect this isn’t quite that different, the quirky notation aside. I had some alternate takes to add here but will add them under that older contribution, along with a link and notes back to here, if this entry survives.

I hope this survives, as it is a damn site easier to search for notated this way, whether on site here or via any of the search engines, like Google…

SHH! Ceol! I think this one deserves it’s own posting - it has a few little nuances that are too valuable to be lost at the bottom of some comments page.

I agree, but it wouldn’t be the first one that did but didn’t… Such things work in mysterious ways… 😉

The Highland

This version is known in N.W, Donegal as Neilie Boyles highland

Neilie Boyle ~ Donegal fiddler

Yes, Neilie Boyle had a hell of a lot of Donegal tunes under his belt, many ‘highland flings’ included. As a consequence a number of tunes have been ascribed to him through playing, inspirational playing, full of life and dance. He did cut some 78’s and a few folks got him down on tape too, I’m sure the Folklore folk in Eire have enough to produce a commercial recording, I can only hope for the future. He played regularly for dance and dancers and it’s there in his music…

Queen Of May

A fine highland I learned from a fiddler friend of mine at a session.
Could not find it under this name in this site.