Spurlock’s Half-Century reel

By Jack Gilder

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One setting

X: 1
T: Spurlock's Half-Century
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B,3 C DGFG|B/A/GdG eGdG|cdcB A/B/cAG|F/E/D AD BDAc|
BGGA GEDC|B,G,B,D GBdg|ec~c2 Aceg|1 fdcA GEDC:|2 dcBA GBdg||
|:bg~g2 dB~B2|GDGB dgfg|ec~c2 abag|f/g/afe dbab|
gd~d2 bg~g2|dB~B2 GABd|1 ec~c2 Aceg|fdcA GBdg:|2 ec~c2 agfe|dcBA GEDC||

Five comments

Spurlock’s Half Century Reel

I composed this in commemoration of a good friend’s 50th birthday. She asked all of her friends if we could get together for a house session with food, drink and tunes… and we did just that last night. It was brilliant! I mentioned to her at one point that I had written this tune for her, and that I would give her a private listening much later after most people had left. Next thing I knew she had gathered one and all for the premiere. Not the way I like to present a tune I wrote, or any tune for that matter that I only heard for the first time 3 nights prior. I managed 3 decent passes and she was delighted. So anyway… I hope she still likes it after we’ve all sobered up.

Phantom, this is a great tune.

Not to mention, that I’m more than a little excited, simply because Spurlock is my maiden name, and it’s just not a name that is thrown around every day.

Way to go. Yahoo, to the Spurlocks.


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Thanks, Anew… glad you like it.

Would you believe this? I couldn’t get the ending phrase cBce dBGB|A2dc BGG2:| out of my head, so I put it into http://abctunesearch.com/ and got your tune as the only suggestion (highly unlikely, despite the 88% match).

Re: Spurlock’s Half-Century

I just looked back at this and realized I play it a bit different now. Edited in an update.