Packie Duignan’s reel

By Charlie Lennon

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One setting

X: 1
T: Packie Duignan's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G3 B d2 ed|d2 ed BE E2|GFEF GABd|eaag agef|
g2 bg fage|dBGB AGE2|G2 GF GABc|1 dBAc BE E2:|2 dBAc BG G2||
g3 e a3 f|gabg eaaf|g2 dg bgag|ecAB cdef|g3 e a3 f|
ga (3bag eaa2|1 (3bag af gfed|Bgfg e3 f:|2 (3bag af gfef|gfge edBA||
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Packie Duignan’s

This fine reel, presumably from the repertoire of the great Co.Leitrim flute player, follows on from “Mick O’Connor’s” on the Charlie Lennon & family recording “Dance Of The Honeybees”. Again transcribed by Malcolm Reavell, “tweaked” by me.
“Mick O’Connor’s” is here :

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Not trad…………..

I’ve always been of the opinion that the mark of a good “recently- composed” tune is that it sounds a hundred years old, and that has been the case apparently with 2 tunes I’ve posted, thinking them traditional, with an unknown composer, when in fact they’re not. I finally managed to get hold of “Dance Of The Honey Bees”, by Charlie Lennon and his family. It seems that the 2 reels named “Mick O’Connor’s” and “Packie Duignan’s” are in fact both compositions by Charlie, in tribute to 2 great flute-players. I am only too happy to set the record straight, but am a bit surprised that no-one pointed this out. Looks like this CD hasn’t sold many copies among the “Session” fraternity, which is a shame, but maybe it’s not too well-known.

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“Packie Duignan’s” by Charlie Lennon

Just putting it in highlights… A good find…