Ellis’s jig

Also known as Ellis’.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ellis's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D|GDG B2 G|c2 A FF/E/D|GDG B2 c|d2 g B2 c|
dge f2 d|cAG FF/G/A|d>ed cAF|G3 G2:|
|:d|g2 d B2 G|c2 A F2 D|g2 d B2 c|d2 e f2 e|
dge f2 d|cc/B/A F2 A|d>ed cAF|G3 G2:|

Ten comments

“Ellis’s Jig” ~ one way I’ve known it ~ reminded here:

“Oho! Oho! I’ve Found You Out” ~ single jig / march / quickstep
Key signature: A Mixolydian
Submitted on October 31st 2006 by Maryland Highlander.

~ relations…

There is also a ‘set dance’ related to this family, but will I remember it in time, or find it, or will someone else? ~ Slainte? ~ Nox? ~ ???

“The Road to Lurgan” / “An Botar Go Lurraga” ~ in the meantime, another relative

Key signature: G Major
Submitted on September 1st 2004 by Aidan Crossey.

“The Hag/Maid At The Spinning Wheel” ~ not a set dance, a 4-parter

Key signature: G Major
Submitted on August 29th 2003 by dafydd.

~ not quite as I’ve known it, but another family member? Anyway, this seems to have been what was knocking around in my noggin when I mentioned ‘set dance’…

=f2, where you could chose to play it natural ~

A & B parts, the 5th bar:

~ | dge =f2 d | ~

I recognise this tune but I think with a different title. cannot remember what it was called or where I got it from but I would agree with playing F natural in bar 5 ‘A’ music but with F natural in bar 4 ‘B’ music. F# in bar 5 brings the tune back into the major for the last 4 bars.
I will have to go searching.

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Three Sea Captains

Reminds me of the set dance called “The Three Sea Captains”. Is that the one you were thinking of ceolochan? Here’s the link to the tune:


It’s posted as a jig, but the poster admits it’s really a set dance.

“The Three Sea Captains” ~ et voila!

Thanks Jason, that’s the one, not the Hag/Maid, I couldn’t shake it that there was a set dance this reminded me of, also from way back when, actually an old favourite. Thanks for taking me there, much appreciated…

Just so happened that I learned 3 Sea Captains recently. Might be the only set dance that I can currently play off the top of my head. So yeah, always glad to help.

Re: Ellis’s

I agree with Hetty about the F naturals and G Sharps . . that’s how I learned it from my father.
It’s definitely a set dance also .
It has a lovely swing to it !!!