One recording of
The Dashing White Sergeant
The Moving Bogs

The Moving Bogs (reel) is also known as Ag Suirí Leo Ar Fad, Ag Suirid Iad Go Leir, An Baitsiléir Cúthail, The Bashful Bachelor, Courting Them All, Da Siurad Go Leir, Danny Meehan’s, Don’t Bother Me, Jimmy Holme’s Favourite, Miss Rae’s, The Moving Bog, The Moving Bogs Of Allen, Na Bi A’m Bodarad, Na Portaigh Chreathacha, O’Sullivan’s, Portaloo, Rachel Rae, Rachel Rae’s, Rachel Rea’s Rant.

The Very Best of Will Starr 1945 to 1951 by Will Starr

  1. Dashing White Sergeant
  2. Rachel Rae
  3. Petronella
  4. My Love’s She’s But A Lassie Yet