Miss Kate Minogue slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Miss Kate Minogue
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
"Bmin"B2 f fge ~f2 e|B2 f fed "A"~c3|
"Bmin"B2f fge ~f2e|"G"dBd "D"def "A"e2d:|
|:"D"a2d dcd "A"efg|"D"a2d dcd "G"~B2A|
"D"a2d dcd "G"Bcd|"A"cde edc ~B2A:|
|:"Bmin"dcB BcA ~B2A|"G"dcB "Emin/G"Bcd "A"~e3|
"Bmin"dcB BcA Bcd|"A"eae "Bmin"dcB "A/C#"ABc:|

Four comments

I should be so lucky
Lucky lucky lucky
I should be so lucky in love.
… ne ne ne ner ner ner
I should be s…. oh, sorry, must be her auntie or something.

Nox, I’m suprised you even admit to knowing that song.

bullfrog, is this a slip or is this a hanter-dro just dedicated to Katie’s slip?

“Miss Kate Minogue” ~ C: Henry Lebedinsky, alias ‘usedbullfrog’

“Kate Minogue is a singer/songwriter living in North Carolina who plays with a band of mine. I wrote the tune for her, inspired by a snippet of song she was singing.” ~ Henry


That sounds like a worthy muse to me… It is nice for this orphan to now have provenance ~ a parent and a reason of origin…