Seventy-seven recordings of a tune named
The Otter’s Holt

Also known as The Aughdara, The Otter’s Lair, The Otter’s Nest, Pol An Madra Uisce, Pol An Madre Uisce, Poll An Madra Uisce, Poll An Mhadra Uisce, Take Her In Your Arms, The Waterdog’s Hole.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Music In The Glen (a few times), Richard Dwyer’s (a few times), The Belles Of Tipperary (a few times), The Bird In The Bush (a few times), Bobby Casey’s (a few times), The Cat Rambles To The Child’s Saucepan (a few times), The Cliffs Of Moher (a few times), Coen’s Memories (a few times), Coppers And Brass (a few times), Garrett Barry’s (a few times), The Humours Of Scarriff (a few times), John Nee’s (a few times), Maud Millar (a few times), Rolling In The Ryegrass (a few times), Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh (a few times), The Ships Are Sailing (a few times), The Ashplant, The Bag Of Spuds, Billy Brocker’s, Bob McQuillan’s, The Chicago, The Clumsy Lover, The Concert, The Crosses Of Annagh, Crowley’s, Crowley’s, The Curlews, The Curragh Races, Dan Breen’s, The Dancing Bear, Dans Fisel, Devanny’s Goat, Dick Gossip’s, The Doonagore, Dougie MacDonald’s, Dunphy’s, The Easy Club, Eddie Moloney’s, The Edinburgh Rock, Flagstone Of Memories, Fleur De Mandragore, The Galway, Garrett Barry’s, The Glass Of Beer, Gneevgullia, The Green Groves Of Erin, The Green Mountain, Hanly’s, The High, Homage à Edmond Parizeau, The Humours Of Tullyknockbrine, The Humours Of Westport, The Hunter’s Purse, Jim Donoghue’s, John Blessings’, Julia Delaney’s, Knockinelder Bay, The Lads Of Laois, The Limerick Lasses, Loch Altan, The London Lasses, Love At The Endings, Maggie On The Shore, The Maid Of Mount Kisco, The Maids Of Castlebar, March Of The Kings Of Laois, Marie’s Wedding, McFadden’s Handsome Daughter, The Merry Sisters Of Fate, Miss McLeod’s, The Monaghan, The Musical Priest, Now She’s Purring, The Old Blackthorn, The Old Dudeen, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Pinch Of Snuff, The Piper’s Glass, President Garfield’s, The Pullet, The Pure Drop, The Road To Errogie, The Silver Vale, Sliabh Russell, Speed The Plough, Splendid Isolation, Spootiskerry, The Star Of Munster, Sweeney’s Dream, Tommy Coen’s, Toss The Feathers, Tree Gap, The Trip To Birmingham, The Trip To Durrow, The Virginia, The Watchmaker, The West Clare Railway, The Windmill, The Wise Maid.

  1. A Few More Tunes by John Skelton
  2. A Mandolin Album by Paul Kelly
  3. All You Need Is Láimh by Mick Hand & Eileen Hassett
  4. An Bhábóg sa Bhádóg by Kevin Crehan
  5. An Seo by Ragús
  6. As We Got Them: Traditional Flute And Fiddle Music From County Sligo by Various Artists
  7. Beeswax Sheepskin by Beeswax Sheepskin
  8. Best Of Celtic Traditional Music And Songs by Planxty O’Rourke
  9. Bofiguifluki by Poitín
  10. Captain Hopper’s Mutiny by Bowi
  11. Celtic Dance by Claire Hamilton, Peter Miln, Daniel James & Waxies Dargle
  12. Celtic Echoes by Amy Krupski
  13. Celtic Reign by Celtic Reign
  14. Chasing The Bear by John Hicks
  15. Cherish The Ladies Live by Cherish The Ladies
  16. Cíana by Ciana
  17. Come West along the Road by The Esker Riada Ceili Band
  18. Compánach: Music from All the Counties of Ireland by Various Artists
  19. Cuig by Blackbeers
  20. Cuisle by Angela Deane
  21. Dawn by Andrew Mac Namara
  22. Doorways And Windowsills by Antoin Mac Gabhann And Mick O’Connor
  23. Dragonfly Redux by An Dochas
  24. Drink The Night Away by Blackbeers
  25. Dublin Lady by Andy M. Stewart And Manus Lunny
  26. Elmwood Station by Sarah Bauhan
  27. Farewell to Ireland by Randy Miller and James Prendergast
  28. Foinn Seisiun 3 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne
  29. From The Sea To The City by Trail West
  30. Fused by Michael McGoldrick
  31. Horse Power by Sláinte
  32. In Safe Hands by Various Artists
  33. In That Land Across the Sea by Dancing Feet
  34. Indovinatoduo by Indovinatoduo
  35. Itchy Fingers by Itchy Fingers
  36. Jumping Ahead by Harriet Earis
  37. Just for Taste by Là Nua
  38. Light Reaction by Kathleen & Jim Fownes
  39. Live At Martyrs’ by Bua
  40. Matt Molloy by Matt Molloy
  41. Music At Matt Molloy’s by Various Artists
  42. Music From Co. Leitrim by Packie Duignan And Seamus Horan
  43. Navan by Legacy
  44. Old Hag You Have Killed Me by The Bothy Band
  45. Part II: Fire In Our Hearts by Na Connerys
  46. Places left to Go by Gallimaufry
  47. Pride Of Erin by Under-18 All-Ireland Champions
  48. Pull The Knife by Killarney
  49. Raise The Rafters by Raise The Rafters
  50. Reeds And Rosin by Todd Denman And Dale Russ
  51. Rip The Calico by Paul Dooley
  52. Seery Polymer Flute by Various Artists
  53. Shades Of Ireland by The Mulligans
  54. Shake Your Shamrocks by Various Artists
  55. Song Of The Irish Whistle by Joanie Madden
  56. Stormy Brew by Rig The Jig
  57. The Best Of by The Bothy Band
  58. The Blackbird by Fling
  59. The Celtic Album by Boston Pops
  60. The Celts Rise Again by Various Artists
  61. The Flooded Bridge by Patricia Clark And Simon Bacon
  62. The Garden Of Daisies by Celia Briar
  63. The Green Mountain by Pay The Reckoning
  64. The Mountain Road by Comhaltas Tour Group 1997
  65. The New Blackthorn Stick by Andy Lamy
  66. The Pure Drop by Fiddlehead
  67. The Quays Of Galway Town by Wild Geese
  68. The Ragged Rogues by The Ragged Rogues
  69. The Return Home by Mithril
  70. The Rolling Waves by Shindig
  71. The Tain Ceili Band by The Tain Ceili Band
  72. The Three Sisters by Barry Kerr
  73. The View Across The Valley by The Brady Family
  74. Tuile Agus Trá / The Flowing Tide by Michaél Ó Halmhain
  75. Up in the Air by Tim Clancy
  76. With Complements by Patsy Reid
  77. Within A Mile Of Dublin by Paul O’Shaughnessy And Paul McGrattan