One recording of
The Otter’s Holt
Bobby Casey’s

The Otter’s Holt (reel) is also known as The Aughdara, The Otter’s Lair, The Otter’s Nest, Pol An Madra Uisce, Pol An Madre Uisce, Poll An Madra Uisce, Poll An Mhadra Uisce, Take Her In Your Arms, The Waterdog’s Hole.

Bobby Casey’s (reel) is also known as The Crosses At Annagh, Crosses Of Annagh, The Hump In The Bed.

Music From Co. Leitrim by Packie Duignan And Seamus Horan

  1. Love At The Endings
  2. The Rabbit’s Burrow
  3. Bobby Casey’s
  4. The Otter’s Lair