Two recordings of
The Otter’s Holt
The Ashplant

The Otter’s Holt (reel) is also known as The Aughdara, The Otter’s Lair, The Otter’s Nest, Pol An Madra Uisce, Pol An Madre Uisce, Poll An Madra Uisce, Poll An Mhadra Uisce, The Waterdog’s Hole.

The Ashplant (reel) is also known as An Maide Fuinnseoige, The Ash Plant.

Dragonfly Redux by An Dochas

  1. The Ashplant
  2. Hanley’s
  3. Otter’s Nest

Fused by Michael McGoldrick

  1. The Ashplant
  2. Hanly’s
  3. The Otter’s Holt