Castell Caernarfon jig

Also known as Caernarfon Castle, Caernarvon Castle, Carnarvon Castle.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Castell Caernarfon
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: f/e/ |dBG GBd | ded BAG | BAG GBd | e3 g2 :|
|: g |deg gfg | afd gdB | gab a>gf | e3 g2 g/a/ |
bgb afa | ge/f/g edc | dBG GB/c/d | e3 g2 :|
K: Dmaj
|: B |AFD DFA | A>BA FED | FED DFA | B2 d dcB |
AFD D2 F | A2 A FED | FED DFA | B^AB d2 :|
|: d |AB/c/d dcd | ecA dAF | dd/e/f edc | B3 d2 d/e/ |
f^ef =edc | dcd BAF | AFE DF/G/A | B>^AB d2 :|

Nine comments

"Castell Caernarfon"

"Preston’s Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1794"
Preston & Son, London (late 1700s - early 1800s)

In its earliest form, the 24 bar version first given, this was a ‘country dance & tune’… With a number of others this introduced into Cymru / Wales via the work of Pat Shaw / Padrig Farfog. His introductions included tunes and dances gleaned from early collections of country dances, as long as they had some reference that could be considered ‘of Wales/Cymru’, such as a placename, and also included his own creations, both music and choreographies.

"Castell Caernarfon" ~ the breakdown

Castell = Castle
Caernarfon = Caernarfon / Caernarvon / Carnarvon ~ a placename

This is one of the many castles of Cymru / Wales, and considered by many to be one of, if not the finest…to be found on the coast of North Wales / Gogledd Cymru…

Pronunciation ~

Cast ~ as it one might expect, ‘cast’
ell ~ it is the double ‘ll’, the hiss, but first it starts basically as ‘eh’

Now for the ‘ll’, first try a regular ‘hiss’ ~ "sssssssssssssss", like air being let out of a tyre. Now close the very front where the "sssss" is happening with the tip of the tongue, put the tip of your tongue against the hard palate just behind the teeth, that ledge before the dome that is formed above the tongue in the top of the mouth between the upper molars.

Now, with that tip of the tongue in place, try a hiss again but let it escape out the sides of the tongue, keeping the tip in place. It is a different kind of hiss and has an ‘L’ quality about about it. Compare it to how you would make and ‘L’ sound like for "laugh", only when the tongue hits the palate keep it there and hiss ~ "sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" (with that ‘L’ quality)… That means ‘unaspirated’. As an example of what that means, in case you are unsure, let’s try ‘TH’… For the word ‘THE’ the ‘TH’ is aspirated. For the word ‘MATH’ or ‘BATH’ or ‘CATHETER’ ~ the ‘TH’ is unaspirated. So for hissing, whichever way, only the air escaping, front or sides, makes the sound, you don’t use your vocal chords…

So ~ CASTELL, get that and you’ll be doing better than most BBC presenters, who also can’t pronounce Michigan…

Next word ~ "CAERNARFON"

First, just to remind you, a single ‘F’ yn Gymraeg / in Welsh is a ‘V’ sound, as ‘V’ in English…

Caer ~ "Kuy" (like "Guy") "rrr"
nar ~ "Narrr", like for the whale
‘f’on ~ "Von"

I’m giving you the multiples ~ "rrrrrrr" for the usual roll, but if you just get a normal ‘R’, that is cool too, at least you are trying to give another language a go, bless you for that…

On the hiss out the sides of the tongue, while ‘L’ in nature, it has a somewhat ‘SH’ sound about it…

"Castell Caernarfon" ~ 32 bars

That second sample in the lower key and 32 bars was given so that the tune could be used in a set for standard 32 bar dances…just another option…and a loosening of the straight jacket some might like to impose on it…

B-Part, Bar 5 ~ | f^ef =edc | ~

A correction made in the ABCs. the ‘=’ ~ apologies for not moving faster than the making of the ‘Sheetmusic’…

"Carnarvon Castle" / "Castell Caernarfon" ~ the bones of the dance

Turn your partner with the right hand |-

Turn back with the left hand |:

Lead down the middle, up again and cast off :|-

Right & Left at top :|:

Re: Castell Caernarfon

This is "Araidh nam Badan" in Airds