Reed’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Reed's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BA G2 BA G2|A2B2 c4|cB A2 cB A2|B2c2 d4|
dc B2 g2d2|e2f2 g2e2|d2c2 B2A2|BAG2 G4:|
|:g2d2 d2c2|BAG2 G2B2|cBA2 cBA2|Bcd2 d2g2|
g2d2 d2c2|BAG2 G2c2|cBA2 cBA2|BA G2 G4:|

Three comments

Jimmy Allen reminded me of this tune.

This nice little tune is what Jimmy Allen reminded me of when I saw it posted earlier… I have never heard the tune Jimmy Allen before but liked it and though this tune is different there are similarities… definitely 2 catchy little tunes that may be related….


I call this "Reeds" from George Reed… he called it "Ports" from the man he learned it from. This tune was collected in the 1930’s by one of my favorite collectors… Samuel P Bayard…. Bayard had little to comment about the tune… just that it was "commonplace" and may be related to a tune called "Sabbath Summons." My opinion is that it may be related to Jimmy Allen or at least it has a North England/Lowland Scot ring to it… George Reed "deedled" to Bayard because he had a stroke and couldn’t fiddle anymore… so at one time Reed fiddled the tune. Reed was from Southwest Pennsylvania.

Also for the record… alot of this info comes from the book "Dance to the Fiddle March to the Fife." Sometimes the same info is on the Ceolas Fiddlers Companion site. In studying the music from my region, this book has been an excellent resource… over 600 tunes. When talking about "Bayard," many are aware(here in the states) of only ine of his publications entitled "Hill Country Tunes." That collection (which I have somewhere on disc) only has about 100 tunes. He published other books also… with songs. ALthough "hill Country Tunes" is easir to be had than "Dance to the Fiddle March to the Fife" and only has 100 or so tunes… it’s an under utilized resource here in the US… the "Dance to the Fiddle… book is VERY hard to obtain and can only say that I got mine legally….but loopholes were involved.