Bollihope Burn reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bollihope Burn
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
de|:fedf edBA|FAEA FAEF|DFAF ABde|fadf e2 de|
fedf edBA|FAEA FAEF|DFAF ABde|faef d2 de:|
fadf adfa|b3 a feef|adfe dfed|BAdF E2 de|
fadf adfa|b2 ba feef|adfe dfed|BAAB d2 de|
fadf adfa|gbba feef|adfe dfec|dBAF E2 de|
fedB edBA|FAEA FAEF|DFAF ABdf|eABc d2 ||

Four comments

Bollihope Burn

I wrote this reel. (I hope I’m doing enough "penance" by submitting my share of established tunes. But as I buy few CD’s I’m unlikely to find many Irish ones that haven’t already gone in…)

The Bollihope Burn is a hill stream that is a tributary of the River Wear in the West of County Durham (England). Its valley features deserted limestone quarries that are now beauty spots, and provided a black fossil-bearing stone called "Frosterley Marble", much used in Durham Cathedral and other churches, et cetera.

Bollihope Burn

Loving your tune!

In fact, one of the groups I play in has added this tune into one of our existing sets, which we like to call "The Burns Set". Automatically audiences think that it is going to be songs by Robert Burns, but soon find out that the tunes all have "burn" in the name! hehe

The set is:

Laxo Burn (Shetland tune)
Sandieburn (another Shetland tune)
The Barrowburn (Addie Harper tune)
Bollihope Burn (your tune!)

I should add, the name’s pronounced "BOLL-y-up", stressed on the first syllable.

I like your 2d part best. Your first part is more hornpipe than reel to my ear:
de|:fedf edBA|FAEA FAEF|DFAF … is too ‘down beat’,
Wouldn’t something like; f3e fedf|edBA FAEF|DFAF… be more appropriate for a reel, as well as being more ‘offbeat’?