Bluebells jig

By Tommy Peoples

Also known as The Blue Bells, Bluebell’s, The Bluebells, The Stepping Stones.

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I just learned this from my teacher yesterday, who got it from a workshop, I think of Tommy Peoples. She said Tommy Peoples wrote it, one of his earlier tunes. After trying for a while at the ABC, I decided this Tommy Peoples’ tune was not written to be transcribed in ABC or sheet music! It goes over the bar, etc.
I love this tune a lot, but it was pretty hard to learn. Maybe more experienced players will find it easier.
Anyone else heard of this, or know of any recordings? Also, please feel free to comment on the ABC transcription. It was the trickiest tune to transcribe I’ve seen.
Some pointers my teacher gave me, for those who are interested are, you can flick(first part of a roll), the low C in the second bar, flick the f on the first bar of the third part, over the bar,( you play the f note on the last note of the second part, then flick the string on the first note of the third part). Another thing, for beginners (like me), is on the part near the high high c, slide the fingers up the neck until the first finger is on the the a note. Then slide back down to the rolled f. For all the experienced players feel free to ignore my detailed descriptions. I thought I would be as detailed as possible for those who wouldn’t understand what I am talking about.
Any info about the tune would be welcome

if you were wnating a precise key would it be b dorian?

many of tommy peoples tunes seem to have three parts


I just wanted to mention, I forgot to put the comma after the two lower notes in the measure that goes |~E3 FEC|B,2 ~A,2|. The B and A should be below middle C. I just changed the ABC notation. Anyone who can, feel free to change the sheet music.

About the key

I don’t know. I’ve only been playing the fiddle 1 year. Maybe someone more experienced would know.

Slight correction

Hello. Your transcription is really very nicely done. I was in a workshop given by Tommy Peoples in which he taught this tune. The first two notes in the fourth bar should be down an octive (as you said), but it’s otherwise exactly as he gave it to us. I now send my students here if they need “the dots”.