Meillionen barndance

Also known as Clover, Clover Of Meirionnydd, The Clover Of Meirionnydd, Clover Of Merioneth, The Clover Of Merioneth, Clover Of Merionethshire, The Clover Of Merionethshire, The Clover, Meillionen O Feirionnydd, Sir Watkin’s Delight.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Meillionen
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: D2 |G4 B2 AG | FGAB c2 c2 | B4 cBAG | F3 G ABcA |
G2 d2 B2 AG | FGAB c2 dc | B2 cB A3 G | G6 :|
|: Bc |d2 G2 F2 G2 | A4 A2 Bc | d4 cBAG | FGAB cAGF |
G3 A B2 c2 | dcBA B2 AG | c3 d e2 d2 | cdcB A2 Bc |
B4 cBAG | FGAB c2 dc | B4 A3 G | G6 :|
X: 2
T: Meillionen
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: (3ABc |d2 f2 gfed | cdef g2 fe | d2 f2 e2 d2 | cB (3Bcd e2 dc |
d3 f g>fed | cdef g2 ag | f2 gf e3 d | d4 d2 :|
|: (3efg |a3 d c3 d | e6 fg | a3 g gfed | c>def gedc |
d2 de f2 fg | agfe f2 ed | g2 a2 b2 a2 | g>agf e2 (3efg |
f2 f2 gfed | cdef g4 | f2 gf e2 dc | d6 :|

Ten comments


I’ve given this in just two keys in the transcription, G & D, with a few variations and choices as well.

Some folks transcribe this in 2/4 and others pack the equivalent of two measures of dense 2/4 transcription into one measure of 4/4, making the A-part jsut 4 measures and the B-part 6… As it is a country danceand unhurried, I’ve opted to follow earlier transcriptions in 4/4…

"Meillionen" can and has been transcribed in several other keys, for example C and A Major. I have also found a peculiar twist on it in minor. In the early 20th century Hugh Mellor, who collected In Cymru / Wales did ‘arrangements’ as ‘Welsh’ melodies and dances, which included some tunes in odd keys like E (####), cut "Meillionen" down to 16 bars, without repeats and removing four measures from the B-part, because he saw this as more ‘acceptable’ of dance music in general…?

Also recorded by Ar Log too I believe.

"Ar Log: Meillionen"

There is a bit on this album in the ‘Comments’ for "Ar Log VI"… I do have that album too, but not at hand or I would have added it to the recordings…despite it being my least favourite work of thiers…believing they ‘sold their souls’ to produce it…

Microsoft Word & the damned spellchecker ~ A & a

Apologies, the D Major take, B-part, first measure, the spell checker when I moved it from ‘Notepad’ to ‘Word’ in the later changed the start of that measure down an octabe, to a capital ‘A’… Here is the correction as it now appears in the ABCs:

|: (3efg | a3 d c3 d | e6 ~

I would have caught it but was called away quickly for other work when I was contributing this…


Meillionen = clover, but more so, in the minds of the Welsh, the flower of the clover, which has both colour and scent…

Mei ~ ‘may’

ll ~ touchy ground again, as I have made mistakes before, tip of the tongue against the hard palate, just behind the upper teeth, that ledge, and blow without using your vocal chords (=’unvoiced’)… We do it in stereo, which means air escapes out both ‘sides’ of the tongue, but I am told one can be right or left-tongued… 😏 It is a shhhhhh sort of sound. If you need another way of thinking about it, it is an ‘L’ without the vocal chores, or ~ Lllllllllllllllllll ~ which sounds akin to hissing.

io ~ ‘Yo!’

nen ~ ‘nan’

"Meillionen" ~ just a precursor to ‘history’

This tune and the country dance, under this spelling, ‘Welsh’, dates back to the 18th Century… I have several versions of it here in old dance tomes and will see if I can find something to add here for comparison, for the ‘craic’… ( Damn! ~ I’m listening to this now and that missed note , the A, is jarring… Mea Culpa! )

Another nice tune - I’ve heard this one played in both Bangor and Llanidloes, and will doubtless be hearing more of it.

Meillionen O Feirionnydd was the name I was given for it. Obviously, I didn’t remember it - I just copied and pasted it from the alternate titles list.

I chose the shortened title for a reason and placed that in the alternate list, for a reason ~ 😉 ~ but also, it is the oldest recorded title I know for it…