Three recordings of a tune named
Lord Mayo
With a tune named
The Maid Of Mount Kisco

Lord Mayo (march) is also known as Arrival Of The Fianna, Lord Mayo’s March, Tiarna Ṁaigh Eo, Tiarna Mhaigh Eo, Tiarna Mhuigheo.

The Maid Of Mount Kisco (reel) is also known as Gearrchaile Sliabh Cisco, The Maid Of Monsisco, The Maid Of Mont Cisco, The Maid Of Mount Cisco, The Maid Of Mountcisco, The Maid Of Mt. Cisco, The Maid Of Mt. Kisco, The Maid Of Mt. Kisko, Maids Of Monsisco, The Maids Of Mont Cisco, The Maids Of Montcisco, The Maids Of Mount Cisco, The Maids Of Mount Kisco, The Maids Of Mt Cisco, The Maids Of Mt. Cisco, The Maids Of Mt. Kisco.

Humpy'n'Lumpy by Fleadh

  1. Lord Mayo
  2. Maid Of Mount Kisco

Lúnasa by Lúnasa

  1. Lord Mayo
  2. Gavotte
  3. The Maids Of Mt. Cisco

The Story So Far... by Lúnasa

  1. Eanaír:
  2. Lord Mayo
  3. Gavotte
  4. Maid Of Mt. Cisco