One recording of a tune named
Lord Mayo
With a tune named
Bó Mhín Na Toitean

Lord Mayo (march) is also known as Arrival Of The Fianna, Lord Mayo’s March, Tiarna Ṁaigh Eo, Tiarna Mhaigh Eo, Tiarna Mhuigheo.

Bó Mhín Na Toitean (march) is also known as Bó Mhín Na Toitean Highland Fling, Doherty’s March, Highland Lassie Going To The Fair, The Highland Lassie Going To The Fair, John Doherty’s, John Doherty’s March, Johnny Doherty’s March, March Of The Meena Toiten Bull, Untitled March.

Starting With the Finnish by Lux Bridge

  1. John Doherty’s March
  2. Bonaparte Crossing The Alps
  3. Lord Mayo