Volcanic jig

By Natalie MacMaster

Also known as The Volcanic.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Volcanic
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
f|:gfe Bcd|dcB c2 B|AFd cBA|BeB ^def|
gfe Bcd|dcB c2 B|AcB AGF|G3 G2 f:|
|:ga B2 eg|age deg|ab c2 eg|abg age|
gf d2 A^c|def fed|cde edc|1 Bcd def:|2 Bcd dcB||
|:ADA BDB|AFD D2 B|ABG ABc|d3 dcB|
[1ADA BDB|AFD DBc|dcB cBG|A3 A2 B:|
[2ABG ABc|cdB cde|efd efg|gaf gab||
|:BbB aBg|BfB edB|GeG dGc|GBG cBG|
cgc gac|cgc gac|BeB gfe|BfB agf:|

Seven comments

Volcanic Jig

Obviously off of Natalie’s new album, and it’s a pretty cool jig. It’s surprisingly easy for as interesting as it sounds.

One more note

Natalie is the one who wrote it. Gotta give credit where it’s due!

Thanks for posting this, I got the CD as soon as it was released but hadn’t bothered to learn any of the tunes until now. Possibly my favourite track.

Anyone know of any good tunes to follow this one in a set? Thanks!

Re: Volcanic

Anyone have a score with good guitar chords for accompaniment?

Re: Volcanic

this is a climax tune–nothing should follow it.
I like coming into it from Indian Point by Rick Moore

Re: Volcanic

(for the record, Indian Point is by Rick *Mohr*. www.rickmohr.net)

Anyway, for accompaniment chords, I’d think the following pretty well matches what the cellist does on the album, so… a good starting point anyway 😉

X: 1
T: Volcanic
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
f|:“G”gfe Bcd|“C”dcB c2 B|“Am”AFd cBA|“D”BeB “B”^def|
“Em”gfe Bcd|“C”dcB c2 B|“D”AcB AGF|“G”G3 G2 f:|
|:“Em”gaB- Beg|age deg|“C (Am)“abc- ceg|abg age|
“D”gfd- dA^c|def fed|“C”cde edc|1”Bm”Bcd def:|2“Bm“Bcd dcB||
|:“D”ADA BDB|AFD D2 B|“(C/D)“ABG ABc|”(D)“d3 dcB|
[1”D“ADA BDB|AFD DBc|dcB “(C/D)“cBG|“D”A3 A2 B:|
[2”Bm”ABG ABc|“C”cdB cde|“D”efd efg|“B/D#“gaf gab||
|:“Em”BbB aBg|BfB edB|“C”GeG dGc|GBG cBG|
“Am”cgc gac|cgc gac|“Em/B”BeB gfe|“B”BfB agf:|