Bonny At Morn waltz

Also known as Bonnie At Morn.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bonny At Morn
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E2|B3 c BA|B2 E2 FG|A3 G FE|D2 E2 F2|
B3 c BA|B2 E2 FG|A2 F2 D2|E4 E2|
B3 c BA|B2 E2 FG|A3 G FE|D2 E2 F2|
ED EF GA|B2 e2 d2|B d3 F2|E6||
|:E e3 e2|E3 F G2|F d3 d2|D3 E F2|
ED EF GA|B2 e2 d2|B d3 F2|E6:|

Fourteen comments

Bonny At Morn

This is the tune of one of Northumberland’s better-known songs, a rural lullaby - not really a waltz, but a moderately slow rhythmic air. It goes particularly well on the Northumbrian pipes and the English concertina - well it would, wouldn’t it!..?

Bonny At Morn

On at any rate the particular track of this song I’ve just listened to, the second part’s sung just once, not twice.

The C’s in this tune are natural, not sharp.

I picked the wrong mode - E Dorian. It’s in E Minor.

Great Tune

… in my opinion the C’s are best left sharped… I have always played it with the sharps… forget the naturals!

C natural, naturally

Always played and sung over here with C natural. #pening it is sacrelige to me and completely destroys its’ soulful character.
As Nicholas says ‘a lullaby’.

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I actually play it both ways… sharp or natural… I learned it with naturals and then found a version or heard it somewhere with the sharps and if played right the sharps can give it an excellent/mysterious quality…

I play them nat.

Nit-Nat-No: my turn next ~ ~ ~


I was wrong

I played my finger picked guitar version and I use both nats and sharps… Im waiting for turkey.

“Happy Thanksgiving”!

That’s for you MH and all others who have the pleasure of that celebration ~ we should all give thanks! 😉

Bob Fox sings this on one of his albums

Bonny at Morn

Listening to a Shearwater whistle example befor buying, this tune is played on a low D Shearwater whistle, very lamentable and appropriate on a low D.