Hwylie mazurka

Also known as Hwyliau, Hwylie 1 & 2, Hwylie Un A Ddau, Moods, Sails.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Hwylie
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A/ d>f|a2 a>b a>g|(3fgf d2 a>f|(3gag B2 B>c|e>d A>A d>f|
a2 a>b a>g|f2 d2 a>f|g2 B2 B>c|1 d>D- D3/2:|2 d2- d2||
|:e>d|c>e g>e c>e|d>f A2 (3fed|c>e A2 f>e|d>A F>A D>A|
c>e g>e c>e|d>F A>d e>d|1 c>A g>A e>A|d2 D2:|2 c>a ^g>a =g>e|d>D- D3/2||
K: Gmin
|:D/ G>B|d2 d>e d>c|(3BAB G2 d>B|(3cdc E2 E>F|A>G D>D G>B|
d2 d>e d>c|B2 G2 d>B|c2 E2 E>F|1 G>G,- G,3/2:|2 G2- G2||
|:A>G|F>A c>A F>A|G>B D2 A>G|F>A D2 B>A|G>D B,>D G,>D|
F>A c>A F>A|G>B, D>G A>G|1 F>D c>D A>D|G2 G,2:|2 ^F>d ^c>d =c>F|G>G,- G,3/2||
X: 2
T: Hwylie
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:(3efg|b2 b2 (3c'ba|g2 e2 b>g|a2 c>B c>d|f>e B2 (3efg|
b2 b>c’ b>a|g>e B>e b>g|a2 c>B (3Bcd|e2 E2:|
|:(3gfe|d>f a2 (3def|e>g B2 (3gfe|d>f B2 (3agf|e>B G2 e>B|
d>f a>f d>f|e>G B2 f>e|1 d>B a>B f>B|e2 E2:|2 ^d>B ^a>b (3=agf|e2 E2:|
X: 3
T: Hwylie
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:A/ d>f|a2 a>b a>g|(3fgf d2 a>f (3gag B2 B>c|e>d A2 (3def|
a2 a>b a>g|f2 d2 a>f|g2 B2 B>c|1 d2- d3/2:|2 d2- d2||
|:e>d|c>e g>e c>e|d>f A2 (3fed|c>e A>g f>e|d>A F>A D2|
c>e (3gfe c>e|d>F A>d e>d|1 c>A g>A e>A|d2 D2:|2 ^c>a ^g>a =g>c|d2- d3/2||

Seven comments

Major & minor ~

Just so it is clear, this is ‘two’ tunes from the same basic collection of notes ~ K: Major & K: minor… It posessed me as I was enjoying a particularly good and strong English cider last night with my lovely wife, along with sticky toffee pudding and an apple and cinnamon ice cream, mmmm, mmmm… It then took us all this time to try to come up with a name for it, and since my wife has a lot to do with inspiring me, I let her name it…

“Sticky Totffee Pudding” didn’t cut it so well yn Gymraeg / in Welsh, but it was one of the titles we were contemplating while still under the influence of cider…

The minor version reminds me of a Swedish tune. Must have got washed up in the Dyfi estuary, stuck to a bit of driftwood.

Who, me? 😏

“Hwylie” ~ another minor take for winds ~

I think I prefer it here, as a direct minor mirror of the Major take on in, in this case d minor, with a few more choices thrown in:

K: d minor
|: A d>f |
a2 a>b a>g | (3fgf d2 a>f (3gag B2 B>c | e>d A2 (3def |
a2 a>b a>g | f2 d2 a>f | g2 B2 B>c |1 d3 :|2 d4 ||
|: e>d |
c>e g>e c>e | d>f A2 (3fed | c>e A>g f>e | d>A F>A D2 |
c>e (3gfe c>e | d>F A>d e>d |1 c>A g>A e>A | d2 D2 :|
2 ^c>a ^g>a =g>c | d3 ||