Triban Gwent barndance

Also known as A Gwent Triban, Tribanna Gwent, Tribannau Gwent.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Triban Gwent
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
BGBd cAce|d2d2d2 dB|ABAG FEDC|D2D2 z2z2|
G2 G2 FEFG|A2A2A2 AG|F2 FE DEFG|A2 A2 z2 A2|
B2 B2 GABc|d2c2c2 A2|B2 BA BcdB|c2 cB ABce|
d2 dc d2 z2|GABc d2 z2|ABAG FEDC|D2D2 z2d2||

Six comments

Submitted as a barndance.Transcribed from Yr Hwntws’s eponymous record,the best album of Welsh folk music ever made.There are words to it,although the Kilbride Brothers play it as an instrumental.I’ll leave it to ceolachan to explain about tribans.

Yes, a favourite recording… I’ll be back… 😉

Tribannau,is that the correct plural?

The Triban & the discipline of limitations ~

Yup! ~ very good, you did learn something way back when…

Being fond of poetry, all sorts, this is one metre I’d like to spend more time with, getting to understand it enough to exercise it with sime justice. Those sheets put me off a bit, the pastel druids and all, but then I’ve some ugly memories of the KKK… I should be able to work past all that though, the petrol crosses burnt in people’s lawns, the pomp, yeah, i can set those weird association and the politics aside, maybe in a sequence of tribannau with teeth like piranha… I’ve just never been comfortable with costume dramas. There was a book that tried to apply the concept of the Welsh Triban to English, as a kind of Welsh haiku…which it isn’t, though it could exercise similar aims…

Oh yeah, the politics too ~ the old emblem / badge / brand for the Welsh political party Plaid Cymru is also called the ‘Triban’… Now it is a stylized Welsh poppy…

Triban ~ triplet, a Welsh poetic metre, four lines, comparing three things… Like any short and defined structured limitation in writing ~ haiku, sonnet, Limerick, whatever ~ a great exercise and discipline… Mastery is always beyond the mechanics… 😏

Triban ~ pronunciation, well the ‘tri’ in triple, triplet, tribble, followed by “ban” ~

Gwent ~ that’s geographic, another placename, Southeast Wales ~ ‘The Valleys’… ~ “G-went”

Tri-ban G-went

~ or ~ “A Gwent Triban”

“The Encyclopaedia Britannica”, 11th edition, New York, 1911

Sonnet ~ “ ~ That the impulse to select for the rendering of single phases of feeling or reflection a certain recognized form is born of a natural and universal instinct is perhaps evidenced by the fact that, even when a metrical arrangement discloses no structural law demanding a prescriptive number and arrangement of verses, the poet will nevertheless, in certain moods, choose to restrict himself to a prescribed number and arrangement, as in the cases of the Italian stornello, the Welsh triban, and the beautiful rhymeless short ode of Japanese poetry. ~ “ (the haiku?!)

Yeah, I know what they mean. I’m particularly fond of perscription pad poetry, like that of William Carlos Williams and the Imagists, and then there’s all those wonderful short pieces by Emily Dickinson…

The Complete Poems ~ Emily Dickinson