Y Deryn Pur waltz

Also known as The Dear Dove, The Gentle Bird, The Gentle Dove, The Sincere Bird.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Y Deryn Pur
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d2|g4 f2|e4 d2|B2 d4|G4 F2|E2 G4|F3 G A2|G2 G4-|G4 d2|
g4 f2|e4 d2|B2 d4|G4 F2|E3 F G2|F3 G A2|G6-|G4||
d2|G4 G2|B2 d4|d4 c2|B2 d4|d4 B2|g4 f2|e4 d2|c2 B4|
c4 A2|c2 B4|c4 A2|c2 B2 B2|cd e4|d2 B2 G2|B4 A2|G2 F2 G2|
E4 F2|G2 B4|A4 G2|G4 F2|E3 F G2|F3 G A2|G6-|G4||

Twelve comments

"Y Deryn Pur" ~ cân werin Gymreig / a Welsh folk song, a Welsh air

This is for Frezz… I had planned to add another Welsh polka or two before getting into the slow pieces, but somehow it seems the right time for something more reflective.

I have seen this written out in an old publication in 6/8, which would make it scream in the midi here. It is a slow piece, and while I contemplated 3/2, not having 6/4 here, I’ve settled for doing in 3/4, and hope that will slow it down enough for you to appreciate the air. The last time I played this piece was in a session where we’d gone loopy and decided to do all slow pieces, and we had at least six hurdy-gurdys amongst the group. It was mesmerizing… Is there enough buzz in that word ‘mezzzmerizzzing’?

Actually, this is really intended more for Dafydd, as I don’t think Frezz is fond of Welsh tunes, probably even less likely as it is ‘slow’ and ‘reflective’…a peace offering in either case, whether or not it works…

So how do you pronounce the name?


Sorry, I know, I’m not funny, sorry.

"Y Deryn Pur" ~ with a little humour in truth 😉

Y = the ~ "uh"
Deryn = bird (aderyn) ~ "Dare - in"
Pur = pure ~ "Peer"

So, literally ~ "The Pure Bird"

What, you not funny Nox, you must be kiddin’… If I took you seriously I’d be in tears, or in a straight-jacket…

I think you, if anyone, will appreciate why I left the punch line till latter, I mean the definition and pronunciation guide…

"The ‘Sincere’ Bird"!

Oh yeah, almost forgot that, the other way that ‘pur’ can be taken…

I thought that jacket they make me wear was a bit tight. I have been finding it a bit uncomfortable typing with the keyboard behind me… I’d just assumed that was normal, the way everybody did it?

Ha, reminds me of that Mr Mann sketch with the disappointed horse, displeased owl and inconvenienced badger.

Thank you God… Bless one and all…

I know this one…

I have this one on an LP here. Beautiful song. I don’t understand it, but I just love what one can do with harmonies! Anyone have the lyrics so I can sing along? 🙂



Y Deryn Pur

Y deryn pur â’r adain las
Bydd i mi’n was dibrydar
O! brysur brysia at y ferch
Lle rhois i’m serch yn gynnar
Dos di ati, dywed wrthi
Mod i’n wylo’r dwr yn heli
Mod i’n irad am ei gwelad
Ac o’i chariad yn ffaelu â cherddad, O!
Duw faddeuo’r hardd ei llun
Am boeni dyn mor galad!

Pan o’wn yn hoenus iawn fy hwyl
Ddiwrnod gwyl yn gwylio
Canfyddwn fenyw lana’ rioed
Ar ysgafn droed yn rhodio.
Pan y’i gwelais syth mi sefais
Yn fy nghalon mi feddyliais
Wele ddynes lana’r deyrnas
A’i gwên yn harddu’r oll o’i chwmpas
Ni fynnwn gredu un dyn byw
Nad oedd hi ryw angyles!

The Gentle Dove

O gentle dove with wings so blue
Fly quickly to my lady
And take to her a message true
While in her garden shady
Go to her and say I love her
And am trying to discover
How to meet her, fondly greet her
But if my love should fail to please her
May God forgive her beautiful face
I know that I must leave her.

With heart so gay one happy day
I walked with step so sprightly
The loveliest girl I’d ever seen
Came tripping there so lightly
On her beauty so amazing
I could only stand there gazing
Of the fairest, she the rarest
Her smile make all around her shining
She was an angel to my eyes
And for her love I’m pining.