Two recordings of
The Bishop
Y Cambro-Brython

The Bishop (polka) is also known as Miss Dolland’s Delight, Miss Dollands Delight, Miss Dollond’s Delight, Miss Dollonds Delight, Yr Esgob.

Y Cambro-Brython (polka) is also known as The Cambro Britains, The Cambro Briton, The Cambro Britons, Cambro Brython, The Cambro-Briton, Y Cambro Brython, Y Cambro-Frython.

Hen Bethau Newydd by Olion Byw

  1. Môn
  2. Y Cambro Brython
  3. Yr Esgob

Kilbride by Kilbride Brothers

  1. Dic Y Cymro
  2. Cambro Brython
  3. Yr Esgob