One recording of
Oot Be Est Da Vong
The High Road To Linton

Oot Be Est Da Vong (reel) is also known as A Cur Nan Gobhar As A’ Chreig, The Kilt Is My Delight, O’ot Be Est Da Vong, Oo’t Be East The Vong, Oo’t Be Est Da Vong, Oot B’aist Da Vong, Oot B’est Da Vong, Oot Be East Da Vong, Oot By The East Vong.

The High Road To Linton (reel) is also known as Domhnall Beag An T-Siucair, High Rd To Linton, Jenny Goes To Linton, Jenny’s Gone To Linton, Kitty Got A Clinking, Kitty Got A Clinking Coming From The Races, Kitty Got A Clinking Going To The Fair.

From The Highlands - The Best Of Scottish Pipes & Drums by Various Artists

  1. The Earl Of Mansfield
  2. The Standard On The Braes O’ Mar
  3. The High Road To Linton
  4. The Kilt Is My Delight
  5. All The Blue Bonnets Are Over The Border