One recording of
Oot Be Est Da Vong
Peter Street

Oot Be Est Da Vong (reel) is also known as A Cur Nan Gobhar As A’ Chreig, The Kilt Is My Delight, O’ot Be Est Da Vong, Oo’t Be East The Vong, Oo’t Be Est Da Vong, Oot B’aist Da Vong, Oot B’est Da Vong, Oot Be East Da Vong, Oot By The East Vong.

Peter Street (reel) is also known as Babe In The Wood, Babes In The Wood, The Blanchland Races, Nano’s Favorites, Peter St, Peter St., Peter’s Street, Timor The Tartar, Timour The Tartar, Timur The Tartar.

The Old Scottish Dance Bands (Volume 2) by Various Artists

  1. Timour The Tartar
  2. Rachel Rae
  3. Mrs. Hay
  4. Mrs. MacLeod
  5. Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran
  6. Willie Davie
  7. The Kilt Is My Delight
  8. The Apple Tree
  9. Clean Pease Strae