Raisins And Almonds waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Raisins And Almonds
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2|e4 B2|e4 B2|d3 ^c d2|e2 B4|d3 d d2|f2 e2 d2|e2 d2 =c2|B4 B2|
d6|d6|d2 G2 A2|B2 D4|D2 G2 A2|B3 A G2|A2 G2 F2|E4 EG|
B6-|B3 A GA|B2 E4|-E4 GA|B3 _B =B2|c2 _e2 =e2|B6-|B4 G2|
F3 G A2|A2 G2 F2|G2 E4-|E6|c3 c c2|c2 _e2 =e2|B6-|B4 G2|
F3 G A2|A2 G2 F2|G2 E4-|E6|B4 B2|_e3 c B2|=e6-|e4||

Two comments

Raisins And Almonds

A Jewish tune to a song from the Yiddish tradition, which I got from a tape of The Burning Bush Ensemble who specialise in that folk tradition. Like many Jewish / Klezmer tunes it has some accidentals, but these can often be got round on diatonic instruments.
I won’t make a habit of posting tunes from outside the expected catchment area, but a few have posted the odd one, so I’ll do so here.

Bar 21, last crotchet is B natural, not flat (the glitch sounds on the Download soundtrack).