Ann And Albert’s Silver Wedding jig

Also known as Willy Taylor’s.

Ann And Albert's Silver Wedding has been added to 22 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ann And Albert's Silver Wedding
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fga fed|B2c dcB|ABA FAd|fga e2g|
fga fed|B2c dcB|ABA gfe|1 ded d2g:|2 ded d2z||
|:B2c dcB|Ade fga|ABA efg|Ade fga|
B2c dcB|Ade fga|cBA gfe|1 ded d2z:|2 ded d2g||

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Willy Taylor’s Jig

I have this written out on manuscript by a couple of different people, neither score with a proper name attached, but only a note saying that the tune was from the playing of Willy Taylor. Could be trad, but also sounds to me like it could be one of his compositions. If anyone has a name for it, please let me know.

A jolly rollicking number, I like it. It seems familiar, but then I like Will Taylor’s music. I did look around but nothing yet. I hope you find a name for it. Maybe the ‘Northumbrian’ contingent can help? Brave man for posting it… 😉

Don’t recognise it, but sounds in WT’s style from what little I’ve heard of it.

I’ve loosed the blood hounds on it and they are braying in the distance…

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::gives self chocolate biscuit::

For the uninitiated ~ ‘Dow’ = ‘Noxious Blanket’…

#3470 above is “Willy Taylor’s Polka” ~ not a reel a typo…

Willy used to call this “Trad Jig”, I don’t think it’s one he wrote. It’s also called “Ann & Albert’s Silver Wedding” - does anyone know when it got that name / who wrote it?

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That’s a good enough name for me. Thanks Pippa.