Amy’s waltz

Also known as The Burst Matress.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Amy's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
E>G|:B3 c Bc|e4 c>B|G4 F>E|C2 B,2 B,>C|E4 (3EGB|c4 B>c|e3 E E>G|F6|
e4 d>c|BG3 FG|A3G F>E|CB,3 B,>C|E4 (3EFG|F2 G2 F2|E6|1 E4 E>G:|2 E4 B>c||
|:e3c c>B|e3c c>B|c3B B>G|B4 (3Bcd|e3 c c>B|G4 FG|A3G F>E|C4 B,C|
E3G F>G|E3D E>F|G3F F>E|ce4 c|B3 G E2|FG3 F2|E6|1 E4 B>c:|2 E6||
X: 2
T: Amy's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G>B|:d3 e de|g4 e>d|B4 A>G|E2 D2 D>E|G4 (3GBd|e4 d>e|g3 G G>B|A6|
g4 f>e|dB3 AB|c3B A>G|ED3 D>E|G4 (3GAB|A2 B2 A2|G6|1 G4 G>B:|2 G4 d>e||
|:g3e e>d|g3e e>d|e3d d>B|d4 (3def|g3 e e>d|B4 AB|c3B A>G|E4 DE|
G3B A>B|G3F G>A|B3A A>G|eg4 e|d3 B G2|AB3 A2|G6|1 G4 d>e:|2 G6||

Five comments

Amy’s Waltz

I got this one off Sharon Shannon’s album “Libertango” where it’s played in E, so I’ve posted it in that key. It is attributed to D.MacDonald. Very nice tune, as played on the album anyway.

‘Amy’s waltz’

I was a bit confused at first, as ‘Amy’s waltz’ wasn’t on the track listing, but it is one of a set listed as ‘The burst matress’ - confusing or what!

Yes, I do wish TM musicians would put comprehensive tune lists on the outside of their albums so these can be sussed by tune anoraks in the shop, instead of one’s having to buy blind (or not at all). Blame the passing of the LP, which had room for group photos, landscapes, themed artwork AND a tune list with comments - whether or not the last also appeared. Now I suppose there’s only room for a mugshot and a tracklist with these wacky, curt titles.

The burst mattress

Michael O´Brien, button accordion player from Co. Kerry, plays a tune by this name in the key of D on his latest CD (which is called ´The Natural´ or `Natural Touch´.

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