Bubba’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bubba's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|G2 DG FA ce |de fg dB (3BBB |cE (3EEE AB AG |Fd ^cd ed _B=B|
|G2 DG FA ce |de fg dB (3BBB |cE (3EEE AG FE |DG GF G2 (3DEF|
|G2 DG FA ce |de fg dB (3BBB |cE (3EEE CE GE | FD (3FGA dc BA|
|G3 D FA ce |de fg dB (3BBB |cE (3EEE AG FE |DG GF G2 GA |
[|Be (3eee ef ge |fd (3ddd dc AB |cE (3EEE AB AG |FD ^cd ed A_B|
|B3 d ef ge |fd (3ddd dc Ac |B2 GB AG FA |GE ED EF GA|
|B3 d ef ge |fd (3ddd dc AB |c3 A B2 BG |AG FE DE FD|
|G2 DG FA ce |de fg dB (3BBB |cE (3EEE AG FE |DG GF G4 ||
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This is another great tune from John McCusker, (he was fiddler with Battlefield Band for about 10 years), who has composed many fabulous tunes, and I’m sure there are many more to come.
He plays it very fast, but I think it also sounds good a little slower.
It is on his first album ‘John McCusker’, Temple Records COMD2059

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