Blizzard waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Blizzard
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"Em"B3GE2|G2F2G2|"Am"A2c2"G"B2|"Am"A4Bc|"G"d2B2G2|"D7"A2c2F2|"G"G4A2|1 "G"G4cd:|2 "G"G4FG||
K: Cmaj
"Am"C2B,2C2|"dm"D2F2"C"E2|"Dm"D4EF|"C"G2E2C2|"G7"D2F2B,2|"C"C4D2|1 C4FG:|2 "C"C6||

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Blizzard Waltz

I wrote this tune last february. It was snowing rather hard that day, hence the name.

Nice work, Jakob. I noticed your only tune submissions have been originals so far. I think the decorum here is one original to five trad. What are some of the trad tunes you play? Do you have any of those to share that we might not have heard or that aren’t already in the database?

Ditto!!! ~ I didn’t go any further back, but three in a row is overkill

"First Day Of Autumn"
Key signature: Gmajor
Submitted on December 1st 2006 by litestikpilot.

Key signature: D Major
Submitted on December 2nd 2006 by litestikpilot.

Even if you play a standard tune that is already here, if you or your local session have a different take on it, then maybe you could transcribe it into ABCs (and the practice wouldn’t hurt) and then add those notes in the ‘Comments’ for that tune here, with a little something about it or about what you think of it, good or bad.

Even Mozart took a break now and then ~ and played things other than his own compositions… The weakness in this is usually obvious in the compositions, that is, if the person has little experience with the ‘tradition’, their compositions usually show it…

Trad tunes versus Original

Personally, I dont like alot of modern tunes but a lot of bands write their own…sometimes there are good tunes being written… these don’t really fit into the "trad" category do they? Just because they are recorded by such and such Irish super group doesnt make them trad… So does the 1 to 5 rule apply to these tunes as well?

Your ‘smilies’ leave something for the imagination MH… 😉

I think the gist is, as long as it isn’t yours. A number of folks have contributed ‘new’ melodies to the site from the nuovo groups and from the old guard too ~ keeping it to my preferences ~ the likes of Sean Ryan, Vincent Broderick, Paddy O’Brien (all three of them)… But I don’t think there are restrictions in anyway there. Some have also added transcriptions from various sources that are fond of Balkan rhythms and melodies..

You usually don’t see this topic raised unless someone has had a run of their own compositions, often newbies, folks who come here to be seen and heard…and not bothering with what has gone before, or reading the FAQs… Others lurk for a spell to get a feel for the place before contributing… I’m an old codger, cantancerous too, if I had it my way I’d have a seperate category for those weird flights of fancy the oddly named super groups crank out like candyfloss… They are just too damned sweet for me, make my teeth hurt ~ and my ears… 😏

Sorry,I was not aware of the taboo. I’ll post some traditional tunes to balance it out for a while.

Not ‘taboo’, ‘voodoo’!

All right! all right already!


This discussion involving voodoo reminds me of a 5 part reel I wrote… Ithink Ill work up the ABC’s…

But seriously folks…

Your original tunes are very good…

But seriously folks…

I like that MH…’seriously’… 😉

It isn’t taboo or voodoo, it is about respect and consideration for what has come before, and for the basics laid down by the webmaster, Jeremy, in agreement with most of us here. It is the tradition that floats our boats and fills our sails (how’s that for being colloquial?) ~ and out of that love and passion for what went before ~ most of us put our focus there.

If I felt every inspiration that took hold of me needed to be posted here, I would quickly be banned… They drop in on a regular basis, in amongst the regulars. I would have no problem contributing a new tune a day, and if I wanted to be new-age or ‘Flookish’, I could crank a new twist every few minutes…but there’s no way I’m going to even consider those options… I value more the tunes that have been shared with me by others, and the tunes that have persisted over time because they made a certain sense and were the sort you just couldn’t shake, they move you, they touch my emotions and my rhythm bones, they are just that good.

I suspect I’ve contributed over 500 transcriptions here, including those added in the ‘Comments’ for tune already here. Out of that I’m sure my own are less than 5%. Even when I do break down and contribute something of my own, I never fully trust it or am sure of it, and usually there’s a story or association behind it…or a laugh or a pain… Giving it form here is a kind of exorcism. I do my best not to abuse that, but not because I have to or because of a taboo on it. I don’t work that way. I hold back because I know so damn many fine tunes, and I place those in greater consideration, along with the folks and traditions who gave them to me, than myself or my own inspirations. Anything good in what comes out of me is by the grace of those associations and that history. Anything weird or not quite right ~ I take full responsibility for… 😉


I clearly did not sufficiently educate myself on the group before posting and for that I apologize. However, it is my humble opinion that folk music wether Irish or otherwise would not have developed if an attitude of intolerance towards new music had historically prevailed. Therefore I would suggest that this policy may not, in-fact, be true to the spirit of folk music.

Sincerely, Jakob Robinson

It has nothing to do with "intolerance," it’s just that I doubt Jeremy put together this website as a "post-all-your-original-tunes-here" sort of thing. Also, as far as the spirit of the music goes, as with sessions — we share traditional music. Every now and then we’ll trot out an original, but that’s not the point. The same sort of concept holds with this website from what I understand. If you want a depository for your original tunes I’m sure there are websites for that too, but this isn’t it.

I should add that I don’t want to discourage anyone from contributing their original tunes because I enjoy them. I just don’t think that’s the main thrust here. I believe that’s why Jeremy came up with the 5 to 1 ratio. I submit original tunes as well, but I try to balance it with trad tune submissions and adding tune versions in the comments section of ones already in the database.

Ditto! ~

Sorry to agree PB, but I just couldn’t not… Damn, that’s not a double negative is it, no, nah! ~ I’d hate it to be overly negative where the music is concerned, and may the demons of tradition give me crotch itch if I’m too aggressively intolerant. Mind you, I do tend to avoid or give away those recordings where every tune is a self adulation… "Every tune is by me!" So, I guess there’s some intolerance there, but I often pass that limitation by with the likes of the Blues, the Classics and other items of musical pleasure, and I’ve a few associates that are overly productive in the composition side of things, but still a small part of their overall music making…

I have contributed a slew of original tunes ~ and I’m not meaning mine. Where ever possible I first seek out the O.K. from the composer and then do my damnedest to give them credit and if possible add a little context. If you find that unbelievable and need some scrap of proof do a search for Elmer Briand or any of the O’Briens, not related…