One recording of
The Lovat Scouts
I’ll Gang Nae Mair To Yon Toun

The Lovat Scouts (polka) is also known as Lord Lovat’s Scouts, The Lovat Scouts’ Quickstep March, Lovat’s Scouts, Lovats Scouts, Lovet Scout.

I’ll Gang Nae Mair To Yon Toun (reel) is also known as Charlie Williams, I Won’t Go A Gossiping, I’ll Gang Nae Mair To Yon Town, I’ll Go No More To Your Town, Oh, Gang With Me To Yon Town, The Pope’s Toe, Yon Town.

The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Volume 4 by Ian Duncan & Roddy MacLeod

  1. I’ll Gang Nae Mair By Yon Toon
  2. Mount Stewart House
  3. The Lovat Scouts
  4. Dornoch Links
  5. Glengarry’s March
  6. The Man At The Loom