The Trip To Miriam’s reel

By Colin Farrell

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Trip To Miriam's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
AE~E2 Adcd|BF~F2 BcdB|ce~e2 fcec|~B3A BAFB|
AE~E2 Adcd|BF~F2 BcdB|ce~e2 fcec|1 BAGB A3G:|2 BAGB ABcd||
ce~e2 fcec|~B3c BAFA|EAA FAA EA|A FAA EFAB|
ce~e2 fecA|~B3c BAFA|~E3F ABcf|ecBe cAAB:|

Five comments

Trip to Miriam’s

This was requested by a user on Chiff & Fipple. Liz Doherty seems to be the main recorded source, but this transcription is from the “Dave Williams Tribute Session 06” movie clip on (in the Cinema section). The tune starts at 24:13 in the video.

Since the box, whistle and banjo play slightly different settings, I’ve transcribed a slightly “normalized” version.

The sycopated section in the B part has several different variations, including |EAA FAA GAA|FAA EFAB| and |EAA DAA CA|A DAA EFAB| and |CAA DAA EA|A DAA EFAB|.

Didn’t Colin Farrell pen this one?

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Yes, sorry. Composed by fiddler / whistler Colin Farrell. Credit where due!

I met Colin and Co. when Gráda came through town this year. A great band, really nice people, and mighty musicians.

“The Trip To Miriam’s” ~ a duplication, the earlier in D & missing the ’s

Key signature: D Major
Submitted on January 21st 2005 by jimbob.

Love it!

i first heard this tune on a Jenna Reid album - tis brilliant