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Three settings

X: 1
T: McBride's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
Bgfg edBd|~e3d Bcdc|Bgfg edBd|~e3d Bcdc|
Bgfg edBd|~e3d efg2|egfd BGdB|A2GA BGdA:|
|:Beed edBc|dcde ~f3a|ge~e2 edBG|A2GA BGed|
Beed edBc|dcde fa~a2|gBeg fdBG|1 A2GA BGed:|2 A2GA BG~G2||
|:b2gb abge|fedB dega|b2gb abge|Bdeg fedB|
b2gb abge|fedB dega|gBeg fdBG|1 A2GA BG~G2:|2 A2GA BAdA||
X: 2
T: McBride's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
A|Bgf gedBe|efed BAdc|Bgfg edBd|dcdc BAdc|
Bgfg edBe|efed efge|egfd BGdc|BAFA BAdc/=c/||
Bgf gedBe|efed BAdc|Bgfg edBd|dcdc BAdc|
Bgfg edBe|efed ef(fg)|egfd BGdc|BAFA BAdc||
Bgf gedBe|efed BAdc|Bgfg edBd|dcdc BAd=c|
Bgfg edB/=c/d|efed efge|egfd BGdc|BAFA BAdc||
Bgf gedBe|efed BAdc|Bgfg edBd|dcdc BAdc|
Bgfg edBe|efed efgg|egfd BGdc|BAFA BAdc||
Beef edBA|d3ef3a|gefg edBG|dcBA BG(e2|
e)gf/e/de dBA|ddde fffa|gBeg fdBG|dcBA BG(e2|
e)gfd edBA|ddde fffa|gefd edBG|dcBA BG(e2|
e)gfd edBA|ddde fffa|gb/B/eg fdBG|dcBA FAdc||
|:b2gbab (3gfe|f>ed>Bd>ef>a|b2gbab (3gfe|b>c' (3d'c'b e'>d'c'>a|
b2gbab (3gfe|f>ed>Bd>ef>a|(3gag egfdBc|1 dcBG Aee a:|2 dcBA FAdc||
X: 3
T: McBride's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
A|:Bgfg edBe|efed BAdc|Bgfg edBd|dcdc BAdc|
Bgfg edBe|efed efge|egfd BGdc|BAFA BAdc:|
Beef edBA|d3ef3a|gefg edBG|dcBA BG(e2|
e)gfd edBA|d3e f3a|gBeg fdBG|dcBA BG(e2|
e)gfd edBA|d3e f3a|gefd edBG|dcBA BG(e2|
e)gfd edBA|d3e f3a|gbeg fdBG|dcBA Beez||
|:b2gb ab (3gfe|fedB defa|b2gb ab (3gfe|bc' (3d'c'b e'd'c'a|
b2gb ab (3gfe|fedB defa|g2eg fdBc|1 dcBA Bee a:|2 dcBA FAdc||

Seventeen comments


Sorry I’m new, might be doing something wrong. I know this tune from Leahy. Can’t vouch completely for it, but it sounds fairly right. Feedback welcome.

lovely reel. i might use it for a recording


Surprised no-one’s pointed out that “McBride’s” is from the 1st “Moving Hearts” album recorded in 1981. Amazing interplay between Davy Spillane’s uilleann pipes and Keith Donald’s saxophone.
Did “Leahy” not give them any credit for it ?

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Yes, Indeed. Leahy Gave credit to this song…

From the inside cover…

(D. Lunny/D. Sinnolt) Published by Polygram Music Publishing
[then the group leaves a comment about the song]
This piece comes from a deadly Irish band of teh early ‘80’s, Moving Hearts.

There you have it folks.

oops… spelling mistake…

Just checking back on this tune, I noticed that the key sig. should be B minor, instead of E minor. The notes that are transcribed are good though. Thanks for the tune.

wait… my bad. it’s Eminor.. something just doesn’t seem right though… maybe it’s just me.

I’ve heard both band’s versions of this tune, two by Moving Hearts and the Leahy version. Have to say that I preferred the latter, but it might be because I’m biased as a violinist…

Moving Hearts composition is more ‘jazzed up’ compared to Leahy’s simple repetiton.

“I know this tune from Leahy. Can’t vouch completely for it, but it sounds fairly right. Feedback welcome.”

Here’s my feedback: nice cut & paste job from Henrik Norbeck’s online tune index. You’re right, you can’t vouch completely for it, and yes, it sounds fairly right because it was transcribed by Henrik Norbeck.

Awesome tune!

Yes!!! Music to McBrides!! I tried to learn it off of the Leahy album but couldn’t quite pick it up.

This is such a cool tune.

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Just wanted to thank you for finding to notes and chords to McBrides. Here it is 2010 and I am learning the tune, it’s so fun. Heard the recording by Leahy so wanted to play it. Thanks Barbwire

More Leahy Tunes!

Bryn, I was hoping you might still be out there. You had Mcbrides music. Possibly you might have or know where to find the sheet music for Colm Quigley by Donnell Leahy. There is a medley of it and the King of the Faeries. I cannot find sheet music for either tune.
It would be awesome.

Moving Hearts version

The Moving Hearts album is the one that got me interested in Irish music and in particular I have always loved this tune which I am working on at the moment. I have added a transcription taken from the version on that album, currently only the first part of the three. For the hell of it I transcribed the first 32 bars repeating the first part of the tune 4 times trying to catch the small variations. I will be adding the second and third part soon.

Moving Hearts Version completed (plus simplified version)

The simplified version is more useful, I think. Note the second part has some important variations which I left in rather than using repeats.

Re: McBride’s

Glad to see the music for this! I’ve loved this since I heard Leahy play it. It’s right at the top of my ‘most beautiful fiddle tunes’ list.
(And I’m glad to see all this Leahy talk. Leahy ROCKS!!!)

Re: McBride’s

The key is E Dorian. That is the scale of B minor with E as the root note.