The Fairest Rose hornpipe

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Fairest Rose
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
B2 d>c (3(Bcd) f>g|b>g{b}g>f {b}g>fd>f|~g2 f>d ~c3 B|d>fb>a g2 f>d|
TB2 d>c B2 d>f|b2 Tg>f g>fd>c|{e}(3ded c>B E2 b>g|1 f>dc>d B>ed>c:|2 f>dc>d B3 z||
|:F>DD>F {e}(3dBB dc|(3(Bcd) c>B G3 z|(3(DEF) F>G F>DB,>C|D>CC>B, G,3 A,|
B,2 {D}(3CB,A, B,>DF>B|g2 Tg>f g>ab>g|f>d (3Bcd ~c3 d|TB2 {ed} (3Bcc B2 z2:|
|:D2 d>c {ed} (3(Bcd) c>B|B>db>a ~g3 =e|f3 B e2 g>e|F>Bd>B E>Bc>E|
D>Bd>c (3Bcd c.B|B2 b>a (3(gab) a>g|f>d (3Bcd ~c3 d|TB2 {ed} (3Bcc B2 z2:|
X: 2
T: The Fairest Rose
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
K: Bbmaj
|:B2 dc (3Bcd fg|bggf gfdf|g2 fd c3 B|dfba g2 fd|
B2 dc B2 df|b2 gf gfdc|B2 cB E2 bg|1 fdcd Bedc:|2 fdcd B4||
|:FDDF B2 dc|B2 cB G3 F|D2 FG FDB,C|DCCB, G,3 A,|
B,2 DC B,DFB|g2 gf gabg|fd (3Bcd c3 d|B2 Bc B4:|
|:D2 dc (3Bcd cB|Bdba g3 =e|f3 B e2 ge|FBdB EBcE|
DBdc (3Bcd cB|B2 ba (3gab ag|fd (3Bcd c3 d|B2 Bc B4:|
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“The Fairest Rose” ~ composed by Tommy Peoples

Finishing the credits, and a link to more transcriptions by PSC:

“Tommy Peoples: Waiting for a Call” (mp3s & midi)
eight tunes as ABCs: Ard Baithen / The Wishing Well / Heels over Head / The Fairest Rose / King of the Pipers / Australian Waters / Bunch of Green Rushes / Waiting for a Call

T: The Fairest Rose
R: hornpipe
C: Tommy Peoples
D: Tommy Peoples’s - Waiting for a Call, Shanachie 2003
Z: Paul Stewart Cranford (P.S.C.), <>;
L: 1/8
Q: 333
M: C
K: Bb

The swing on the notation seems unnecessary… or does Tommy really make it sound like a schottish when he plays it?

The Power of Suggestion? >

We aren’t responsible for the midi take on the transcription… You have Mr. People’s recordings, what do you think? ~ mares, lambs and kids? ~ or a gentler swing? How about a constructive account of how you hear it? We know you don’t like the swing notated, but it’s our perogative to do so if we want, and it isn’t exactly uncommon to do so…but we can’t control the midi. That said, it isn’t 4-to-1, notation is only, as you know, melody and all other-wise, suggestive… 😏

Fairest Rose - key??

The ABC for this has Fmaj as the key (1 flat) but the sheet music has Bb as the key (2 flats) - I’m confused !

I guess it bugs me because if I want to give it any consideration I have to copy it into my Barfly program and remove all the bloody “>” dinxters first. It just mucks up the abcs IMHO.

I understand, but they are easy to get rid of, just an extra bother… I use the arrow keys and either a back space or the delete key. For one tune it takes less than a minute, but I do understand little irritations… You’re using Barfly? Did they ever make that into a decent programme? 😉

Barfly works for me. I have an idea… why don’t you guys that insist on adding the “>” dinxters do it in comments and leave the main notation open for interpretation? Just a thought.

Use the keys… I love the ‘dinxters’… 🙂

Just for you, if you really can’t handle the keys ~ :VVV: ~ if you insist, everytime I dinxter a tune I’ll make an exact copy undinxtered and put it in the ‘Comments’, just for you, but only for you… I know how little things can add up to great stress… 🙂

Then ~ you’d put your curser beside it, hold down the ‘Control’ key and click the left button on your mouse, then hit Control + c to copy it. It’d be that easy…

That would be nice… but I still think it would be best to ad the gobble-dee-goop in comments for all the crazy swingsters out there who need to confirm it with the dots. (“ad” being the operative word here)

“GOBBLE-DEE-GOOP”! ~ Try to be nice, well, I’ll leave in a huff and go soak my woes in the tub…and just keep dinxtering away. I just did a race to see how long it would take me to undinxter a tune ~ single-handedly ~ less than a minute…

And it didn’t irritate me at all…maybe too many dead brain cells and it was selective ~ the irritable ones… 😉 ( ~ now that IS irritating!!!)

Less than a minute? great! Now will you please go undinxterize all the hornpipes please. 😀 Cheers

Dzongs > & dzings >

Sorry, maybe it’s like terrets syndrome? I just haven’t got control of it… Besides, they aren’t dinxters to me, they are good friends and their names are dzongs and dzings ( > < )… They tried drugs and electo-shock therapy ~ but they only make it worse, so I’ve flushed all the pills down the loo, fed up with the excess jumping about. It was wearing down my joints and I’d like to dance till I drop, but not too soon just yet… 😏

Besides, if I lost that lift and swing someone would play everything in 4/4 as a reel, and there’s already too much of that about ~ don’t you think… 😉

RE: the Key

Domnull, the correct key is Bb, with two flats. There was no option for Bb key, only F, so I chose F major, which was the closest. I emailed Jeremy to let him know it is a Bb key, so apparently he was able to post the sheetmusic in the right key.

Has the MIDI dinkster/dzong swing changed? This MIDI sounds snappier than a triplet swing, which is how hornpipes used to come out when the man behind the curtain used to swing them without the >.

The key

thanks - that makes sense. (You could have cheated and put the key as G min but that could have been equally confusing!)

It seems the midi reads it exact rather than suggested, making it something like 3-1, very swung, instead of a kinder and more laid back 3-2…

Bloody “>”

Too bad Jeremy doesn’t have a setting that would automatically eliminate the “>” dinxter the way naughty words are. Just a thought… carry on.

Hey, part of, my suspicion, being dyslexic, is that I like visual things, and I have always loved swung tunes notated with the suggestion of swing, with the ‘>’, and the contrary, or ‘snaps’ ‘<’…

I understand wanting everything your way ‘Button’, and I think there is a term for it, but hopefully there is at least some free choice in the world, to > or not to >… While I don’t like what the midi does to it, I, personally, prefer something to distinguish swing tunes from all the straight stuff, which far out numbers the swung. Reels rule by at least 2 to 1, a conservative estimate. I am also fed up with everything being rushed through, flattened and turned into a reel, as if there weren’t enough already. I’m not so fond of the overly dense 2/4 take on a lot of things as was not uncommon in the past, things that read more easily in 4/4, with a bit more white space about them, but I do like the dots and extra slashes that define swing ~ in hornpipes, barndances, schottisches, strathspeys, highland flings, mazurkas ~ etc… In your world all ‘snap’, or ‘<’, would also be eliminated and everything would be the same… That kind of bland sameness, yeah, I can see how some might be attracted to that, like prozak and bennies.

SInce you keep pushing, and have repeatedly referred to what you disagree with as ‘gobbledegoop’, I really can’t see why I’d bother to continue offering up a ‘straight’ take on a swung tune in the comments tp appease you, but I will try to remember to at least make that consideration ~ maybe. But I am getting a bit tired of the needle being stuck on the same repeating moan, that you don’t like it this way. Too bad. Really, if you need it that way, that sameness, you are well capable to do the work yourself, it’s easy and it only takes a few seconds…

It’s sad your attack on the practice of notating swing has to equate it with ‘naughty words’, something to be expurgated, censored… Hmmm, I think I remember lots of historical examples of such extreme need. Fortunately there is no rule that anyone has to agree with you as to how things ‘should’ be notated… You don’t see me repeatedly jabbing at your contributions or anyone elses who does it straight and saying it is wrong and should have the Dzongs > or Dzings <…

I know, I’m talking to a brick wall. Sorry, I just noticed my nose is bleeding from knocking against it. Why do I bother? I think this is the last time let the stuck needle needle me into a response. It just isn’t worth it…

Hahaha… I wasn’t equating those dinxters with naughty words, I was talking about the software Jeremy uses to keep those words off the board.

Gee wizz, ceol, I had no idea you were so sensitive about your dinxters. Go ahead and put them wherever you like if you’re going to get worked up over it. I was just adding my 2 cents.

I reckon spend your 2 cents on something else next time.

Yea, like on software that will automatically remove your sarcasm.

Or a sense of humour that won’t desert you at times of need?

What… you didn’t think that was funny? Has your sense of humor gone off? Pity.

Dinxter sensitivity ~ 😏

It has dropped, the penny that is, or two, or was it a tuppence. Why was I primed to be so defensive when ‘Button’ has pushed my buttons before without me getting in a huff. Well, I’ve sussed it ~ this comment is not for a tune I’d submitted. Not that ‘enirehtac’ can’t swing for herself, but I do tend to be more teachy when it is in defense of someone else’s rights to dinxter or not. I also don’t care much for the heavy swing the midi gives things, but I do like to see someone else using those dzongs and dzings, or dinxters if you choose.

So, if this had been my ol’ pal Button pushing my buttons in the comments for a tune I’d submitted, I would have held out longer before going on a loop. Or so I’d like to believe. As well, I’ve had a rough week and not enough sleep.

Despite what might at times seem harsh, I’ve never known Button / Jack to be mean, but I have seen him backed into a corner and I quickly got the hell out of there before he saw me and came for my leg for a meal, or worse… It is a bit rough being here in the middle at times, or lurking ~ I count both Nox and Butt, I mean Button, as friends, even when the wind me up, which is regularly…

Thanks, ceol, I never intended anything more than just goofing around with you about the dinxters the same way I used to goof around with Nox having the faux ‘English vs. Anglo’ concertina debate. Sometimes it just doesn’t come across quite as intended… sorry.

Yes, the midi certainly exagerates the swing all right. I usually employ a bit of swing in my tunes, but when I see it written out it never seems to reflect what I’m playing. Also, I find it easier to read the music sans dinxters. But at the end of the day I can just take them out if I don’t like them.

Well that was an amusing distraction ;) Oh those good old days when using Barfly or not was a question; oh those emoticonally-impoverished days before discussions of < and > could give way to penguins ( *)> and walruses (:<

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Not to mention angry box squeezers! >:^U

Re: Fairest Rose

Hear Tommy Peoples perform this first as an air then hornpipe at approx. 9:26.

This is an hour-long solo performance from 2003 made available by Ward Irish Music Archives so much thanks to them. The rest isn’t half bad either…

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The Fairest Rose, X:2

Figured it may be worthwhile to submit a slightly plainer transcription of this tune in the proper key for those who prefer it de-dinxtered. Plus this gets it back on the front page again, which may get a few more people playing it; this tune is really about as lovely as they come. Of course, this comes from the brilliant playing of Tommy Peoples.

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