Regina Stubbert jig

By Brenda Stubbert

Also known as Regina Stubbert’s.

There are 6 recordings of this tune.

Regina Stubbert has been added to 14 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Regina Stubbert
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:B|ABA DFG|Adf a2 g|fef dAG|F3 FGA|GFG BAG|
FD/E/F dcd|1 BGB g2 e|cde A2:|2 ee/f/g ABc|d3- d2||
|:f|a^ga ba=g|fef dAG|FDF dAG|F3 FGA|G2 G BAG|
FDF d2 c|1 E^GB =g2 e|cde A2:|2 efg ABc|d3- d2||

Four comments

“Regina Stubbert” ~ one Brenda Stubbert tune following another

A fine person, ma and fiddler… “Regina Stubbert” is her mother. Her father was Robert Stubbert, another fiddler, one some consider strongly ‘Irish’ in his way, rather than the usual ‘Scottish’ slant on the island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Her grandfather Peter Stubbert and uncles and brothers are also of the bow persuasion…

“Regina Stubbert” ~ another take on it

“Brenda Stubbert’s Collection of Fiddle Tunes”
Edited by Paul Stewart Cranford
Cranford Publications, Cape Breton Island, 1994
ISBN: 0-9691181-4-7

Page 39, tune #110: “Regina Stubbert”

I believe most of Brenda’s tunes are under copyright, but hope she’ll allow a few aired on the Internet, including this lovely jig… If there is any problem I know Jeremy will remove it if required. This is an instance where I wasn’t able to get ahold of the composer and am acting on instinct… Apologies if I over stepped my bounds…

I’ve just realized that a recording of it by her doesn’t seem to be here. I’ll have to see if I can remedy that…