Four recordings of
Never Was Piping So Gay
The Fisherman’s Island

Never Was Piping So Gay (reel) is also known as And Never Was Piping So Gay, The Blacksmith’s Anvil, Ed Reavy’s, Reavy’s, Reavy’s No. 4, Shaney Mulhearn’s, Shaney Mulhern, Shaney Mulhern’s, Shanie Mulhearne’s.

The Fisherman’s Island (reel) is also known as Ed Reavy’s, Ed Reavy’s Favourite, Reavy’s No. 2, Reavy’s No. 9, Reavy’s No.9, Reevey’s.

Buntús Rince by Donegore Tradition

  1. Never Was Piping So Gay
  2. The Fisherman’s Island
  3. The Hunter’s House

Humours Of Lissadell by Seamus McGuire and Manus McGuire

  1. Shaney Mulhern’s
  2. Morning Sunrise

The Celts Play Connecticut by Various Artists

  1. Maudabawn Chapel
  2. Never Was Piping So Gay
  3. Fisherman’s Island

The High Walls of Derry by Vincent Doherty

  1. The Fisherman’s Island
  2. Never Was Piping So Gay