Three recordings of
Never Was Piping So Gay
The Hunter’s House

Never Was Piping So Gay (reel) is also known as And Never Was Piping So Gay, The Blacksmith’s Anvil, Ed Reavy’s, Reavy’s, Reavy’s No. 4, Shaney Mulhern, Shanie Mulhearne’s.

The Hunter’s House (reel) is also known as Ed Reavey’s, Ed Reavy’s, Ed Reevey’s, Ed Reevy’s, The Hunter’s Hut, Hunters House, Hunters’ House, McGinely’s, Reavey’s, Reavy’s, Reavy’s No. 1, Reevey’s, Reevy’s, Teach An TSealgaire.

Live At Lena's by The Lahawns with Andrew Mac Namara

  1. Never Was Piping So Gay
  2. Hunter’s House
  3. Poor Scholar

The Definitive Irish Dancing Collection by Donegore Tradition

  1. Never Was Piping So Gay
  2. The Fisherman’s Island
  3. The Hunter’s House

The Sound of Ireland: The Ultimate Collection - 1st CD of 4 by Various Artists

  1. The Hunter’s House
  2. Never Was Piping So Gay